10 Forex Trading tips that guarantee Forex success



10 Forex Trading tips that guarantee Forex success


The video below covers the following 10 tips that guarantee Forex success:

  1. Learn the rules of the Forex Market
  2. Create a plan for success
  3. Put you Plan to success to the test
  4. Know the Forex Market conditions before acting
  5. Know the limits of your trading capital
  6. Know when to enter and exit
  7. Remove emotion from your trading
  8. Know what type of trader you are
  9. Be disciplined and consistent
  10. Change your approach with the market

It is always important to have a checklist which you review consistently to keep your Forex trading on track. The video is a reminder of this.

Stories of success

Trader Veronika Tarasova

Good afternoon, my acquaintance with the Forex market happened accidently – in July 2008 I started reading a book “Playing at the exchange market is easy”. On the second chapter I opened a demo account and decided to find out how it worked. Naturally, the first demo experience has been sorrowful, after rising the deposit from 5K to 50K within 2 weeks, I have lost cautiousness and as the result I have lost 50K that I’ve earned (even though it was virtual money). I am by nature a person who always analyzes his actions and always completes what he started. Of course, my first reaction was disappointment and I wanted to give up but my character played its part – there was a new period of training at demo accounts and books reading. I paid the main attention to the literature about the life of the traders that have succeeded at forex, their algorithms of thinking (I was even making translations of their interviews by myself as not to miss a thing).

I opened my first real account at Alpari. The biggest and the most popular broker of Runet, with good reputation, but not everything was perfect – sometimes the profit didn’t work out, sometimes I couldn’t open with the requested price…it was stressful and there was already enough stress at the market. That is why I decided that the question of choosing a broker was still opened and I continued to be in search.

After doing a short break in real funds trading, I have started to search a Dealing center and to work out the strategy on demo accounts.

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