100 Percent Automated Forex Channel trading with Warrenty


Channel trading

When looking at the recent Double in a Day EA and Grid Trend Multiplier EA trades it is amazing how simple Channel trading produces by far the best entry points. One of the reasons for this is that Channel trading can give very precise entries and exits. Entries and exits that allow you to catch more than 90% of a trend.

Expert4x has been doing some research on channel trading had have found the most amazing set and forget, automated Channel trading software that has been traded on a live account with really good results.

100% Automated Forex Channel EA

This entirely automated Forex Channel technique uses Keltner channels as the basis for its trading and has been traded live through trending and sideways markets.  As you may know, Keltner Channels is a great tool used to identify reversals with channel breakouts and channel direction. And can also be used for identifying overbought and oversold levels.

3rd Party verified Live Account

All users are giving it rave reviews and a live account which for almost a year is available on MyFXBook for all to see.

Click here to see the live results: LIVE Results

No Forex knowledge required

100 Percent Automated Forex Channel trading with Warrenty

You don’t need any knowledge of trading whatsoever.  Trade entry, exit, trade management, and risk are all handled for you.

24 Hour Support

So don’t worry about completely understanding it, it will do all the work for you. It has 24 support if you need it.

The Twist

But as always there is a twist. When the software is this good it comes with premium pricing. Only a select few will be able to afford the price. The good thing is that it is currently being marketed at a 50% discount. At the time of writing this there are only a few of these systems available.

Money Back Guarantee and Profit Warranty

It is one of the few products that not only has a money back guarantee and a result warranty.

Industry Recognition

This system was recently featured on

  • Yahoo Finance
  • Reuters
  • AOL Money and Finance
  • Bloomberg

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