2 Inspirational 23 year old Forex successes






Success story 1

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Success Story 2 

As told by Alex du Plooy from Expert4x

I have just come back from a meeting one of my long term clients. He tells me that his son has semi -retired at the ripe old age of 24. In the last year his son has visited 28 countries in North and Central America and in Europe.

And all of this is possible due to the leveraged opportunities of conventional Forex trading. He build a Forex trading business which is now managed for him by professional managers whose only income is a cut of the Forex trading gains.

So how does an 18 year old kid create this great start in life in 5 to 6 short years?

If starts with

  • having no Forex trading baggage (basically being self taught),
  • a realistic, fresh and creative way of looking an earnings opportunities
  • and focusing on efficiencies and perfection
  • a reasonably high intelligence
  • doing things his way

I am told that within 6 months of getting involved in Forex the kid had learnt all there was to learn about technical and fundamental analysis. Later he was writing his own EAs and became a genius at optimising trading systems with high earnings potential and controlled risk and low capital requirement. Not only did he create his own successful EAs but he bought almost all the EAs he could lay his hands on. With his optimisation and evaluation skills he was quick to tell which EAs had potential and which were not worth much and which could be made to be profitable? In his first year he build a library of over 200 EAs of which 10% were really good. I am pleased to say that most of the Expert4x EAs were evaluated in this way. Trading was a game and passion to him. Money added to the fun. Perfection of the process was his driving force

He would classify the EA strengths and weaknesses and abilities and know exactly which conditions were the most favourable for each EA. He worked 18 hour days. Over time he built a farm of EAs that he would trade at the same time. At times he would have 17 active EAs and at other times on 8 going at the same time.  All depending on market and fundamental conditions

He taught his friends to manage the portfolio and how to make decisions such as

  • What weighing (position sizing) to give each EA in the portfolio and even transactions within the EA.
  • Which EA to retire from the portfolio.
  • Which EA to introduce into the portfolio.
  • How to manage the risk, account size and income relationship

Have friends manage that side of things gave him time to research and find better EAs and trading opportunities and focus on trading efficiencies. It was all about risk management and income potential in relation to the investment (account balance). In the end his focus is on return on Equity and stacking the odds in his favour in any way possible. Most traders have way too much in their trading accounts because they don’t know how to manage risk.

Now with a 10 minute daily web meeting and a father that keeps an eye on the business he is free to pursue other interests and find other mountains to climb.

Over the years we have taught most of these activities to retail Forex clients but none had this passionate drive, experience and intellect required to turn their dreams into reality – most people waste the energy are looking for the short cuts, making excuses and for things to be handed to them on a plate.  We have had more success with corporate clients and professional traders who are naturally focused on success.

Looking back most of the things he did could be duplicated but without his personal hands-on experience and intellect and most importantly the amazing drive and energy us mortals don’t stand a chance. As I always say: You can’t get strong by paying someone else to do your push-ups. The real determination to succeed come from with-in and taking responsibility to make things happen.

What do you have planned for the next 5 years? Are you living your passion?



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