The "$2 500 to $1.4 Mil in 30 Days" Forex trading Course

Learn how you can develop the ability to produce above average Forex results by making use of Broker leverage and high probability Forex techniques

Back Ground

It all started with a Trading Competition

During March and April this year (2016) Tallinex, our broker, ran a Forex Trading Competition for 30 days. All contestants started with a $ 2 500 demo account. Below are the results achieved by the top Forex Traders. Click on this link for more detailed results: -



The gain of + 57,239% was astronomical. Even on a Demo account.

Challenge to Clients

We then sent an email to our 10 000 clients asking them (with the benefit of hindsight) to generate the same return knowing what the price movements over the period of the completion were. Only 1 client could recreate these results given the knowledge of price movements. So clients had a guaranteed ability to create 100% success and yet they were unable to reproduce these results.

This points to a major weakness amongst Forex Traders. The inability to use the leverage provided by your broker to generate extra ordinary trading results when the opportunity presents itself.

We created the "How to turn

$ 2 500 into $ 1.4 Mil course"

Creating extra-ordinary Forex results is easier than most traders think.

In this Course we will show you how to create the results achieved in this competition. There are 3 techniques to achieving these results shown in the course. Each technique on its own can be used to win competitions or they can be used in combination.

  1. AGGRESSIVE POSITION SIZING: The main way to achieve astronomical Forex results lies in the ability position size your deals to take full advantage of the leverage provided by your broker. Without this knowledge you will never be able to turn $2 500 into $1 400 000. Included in this course is a copy of the “Simple-N-Easy Way to protect your money” course which you can refer to after completing the course.
  2. A LOW RISK, HIGH RETURN FOREX TRADING TECHNIQUE: A mixture of automated and manual Forex techniques produced these great results. They are all low risk, high return Forex techniques. We provide you with one of our courses: Magic Momentum to provide more background to a low risk, high return technique. We combine the 2 strongest possible Forex trading signal to show you a technique that:
    1. Provides entries that require very small stops
    2. Provides entries with huge +100 pips potential
    3. Provides immediate feedback when you get it wrong
    4. Provides good exit signals
  3. FOREX TRADING COMPETITION TECHNIQUES AND STRATEGIES: When you are competing in a Forex Trading competition the objective is to win. Often the winner is not the best Forex trader but the one that manipulates the odds strategically in their favor the best. We share some techniques that almost ensures top placement in Forex trading Competitions.


Informative Trader Interviews

and detailed trading statements


We are lucky that informative, detailed interviews with the top 3 winners of the Trading competition and full trading statements showing every trade are available.

These provide 3 real life case studies providing valuable usable information when analysed.

Imagine finding out and understanding:
• Who these traders are and their Forex trading experience
• Their commentary on their trading
• Advice on how they developed their trading styles
• The fully analysed trading statements which resulted in these great results.
• The currencies traded,
• The position sizing used,
• What mistakes were made
• Where EAs were used, how they were managed and combined with manual decision making.
• The success rates achieved
• The risk return ratios achieved
• The average income and losses per trade
• What drawdowns were experienced
• Most importantly - How you can use this information to improve your Forex trading
• ………..and much more

Professional Forex Position Sizer EA 

One of the reasons traders were able to create returns where $ 2 500 was traded to $ 1.4 Mil in 30 days was due to creative lot sizing and managing the money in their account very carefully and professionally. Step 2, the use of a high probability trading techniques will be covered in the next EA.
We have been able to automate much of critical, often missing and hidden, information you need to position size when trading Forex normally, and in competitive situations.
This is information you will have at your finger tips prior to trading, when using this EA :-
For EVERY LOT and currency specified:
Money you need in your account to finance your margin
Money your need in your account to finance your stop
Money required for the total deal
Money required for the spread
Impact on your account if the transaction fails
For the next transaction you are planning based on your INTENDED LOTS:
Money you need in your account to finance your margin
Money your need in your account to finance your stop
Total money required for your deal.
Money required for the spread
Impact on your account if the transaction fails
For COMPETITIVE lot sizing
Lots you need to be highly competitive
Money need to finance highly competitive margin
Money needed for your highly competitive spread
Impact on your account if your transaction fails
SPREAD information on charts of traded currencies
Current spread
Average spread
Maximum spread
Basic information about your TRADING ACCOUNT
Current open P & L
…..and more

Do this Forex Competition trading course !!

Forex trading success is dependent on each individual Forex trader experience and ability but this course will give you the knowledge to succeed. Please bear in mind that the competition results are based on the use of a demo account and as such higher than normal risks were taken. The same or lower risks could however have been taken using a live account. The course will change your perspective of what is possible when Forex trading with aggressive position sizing - like achieving 300%return on a single trade. It will show you a very high probability Forex trading technique and ways of winning Forex trading competitions.  What you make of it is up to you. You will learn how the wrong leverage can either make or break a trader. Please click here to download:-

  1. The $2 500 to $1 400 000 Ebook Course
  2. The Professional Position Sizer EA
  3. The DivergenceFinder EA

With the following FREE bonuses:

#   A Momentum Forex trading Ebook

#   A protect your money Forex EBook course

#   7 different way to enter the Forex Market EBook Course

#   Forex trading techniques to trade turning points  EBook Course