The  "$2 500 to 1.4 Mil in 30 days" Forex trading Course:    WEBINARS

1.  The high probability trades Set-up identification webinar


This webinar is only available to owners of the “$2500 to $1.4mil” course and will explain and illustrate one of the entry high probability techniques mentioned in the book in more detail. We will then review the market for trades that use that technique during the webinar. When, and if, we find trades we identify trading set-ups these will effectively be alerts clients can use immediately to trade the particular technique. As the recording generally is only available the next day these alerts will only be of value to attendees.

This webinar is likely to be repeated at some stage.

It is important that participants read the course before attending.

Converting the webinar time to your own time zone:- when you click on the webinar registration link you will be given the opportunity to convert the webinar to your own time zone. Please pay particular attention to the day it would be held. Depending on your time zone it is possible for the webinar to be on another day than the GMT day.