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SALE 1:   5 Forex Techniques

1.1   With All The Odds (WATO) Technique

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Learn to use 3 time frames, 3 related currencies and 3 powerful trading signals to trade with all the odds in your favour

1.2   The Financial Turning Point Technique

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Learn to find Turning points in the Forex market and how to manage these high probability trades to create a financial turning point

1.3  The Good Vibrations Technique


Learn to use the Forex Markets natural vibration rates at the various times of day to catch important scalping and longer term trades

1.4    The Magic Momentum Technique


Use the wavy nature the Forex market to surf the momentum created by the same price action that occurs year to year.

1.5  The Magic Moving Average Technique


The Magic Moving Average Technique shows you how to change an ordinary Moving Average into a incredibly powerful trading tool 

SALE 2:   Forex Expert Advisers 

2.1   The Grid Trend Multiplier and Course


The GTM EA is ideal for total beginners and for experts as it uses a Random Market approach with suggested, set and forget settings

2.2   The Double in a Day EA and Course


This Forex trading tool provides a great way for Forex Traders with reasonable trading experience to Double their Forex account in 1 trade.

2.3   The Magic Moving Average EA


The EA provides the ability to trade all variations of Moving Average trading on an automated set and forget basis

2.4   The No Stop, Hedged, Grid, Forex EA 


The investment type EA used hedging and grid trading principles to trade on a automated set and forget basis using one overall safety stop.

SALE  3:  Forex Trading Courses

3.1   Long Candle Forex Trading Course


This Forex trading course is a collection of analysis tools and techniques (5), Money Management approaches (3), trading strategies(12) and trading processes. 

3.2   The Simple-N-Easy Forex Series


This series is designed for the beginner to intermediate Forex trader who does not want complex trading systems but want to cover all the important aspects of Forex trading 

3.3  The MetaTrader4 Course


This is ideal for the beginners and intermediate Forex trader and will take you trough the process of setting up charts and placing orders etc and developing the essential MT4 skills.


FREE Forex Trading Courses, Techniques and Tools

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A 21 part FREE BEGINNERS Forex trading Course:

1. What is Forex? Why Trade Forex? Who Trades Forex? When Can You Trade Forex? How Do You Trade Forex? 2. Three Types of Analysis Types of Charts 3. Support and Resistance Levels 4. Japanese Candlesticks 5. Fibonacci 6. Moving Averages 7. Common Chart Indicators 8. Oscillators and Momentum Indicators Important Chart Patterns 9. Pivot Points 10. Elliott Wave Theory, Harmonic Price Patterns 11. Trading Divergences 12. Market Environment Trading 13. Breakouts and Fakeouts 14. Fundamental Analysis 15. Currency Crosses 16. Multiple Time Frame Analysis 17. Market Sentiment, Trading the News, Carry Trade 18. The U.S. Dollar Index, Intermarket Correlations, Using Equities to Trade FX, Country Profiles 19. Your Own Trading Plan, Which Type of Trader Are You? , Create Your Own Trading Plan , Keeping a Trading Journal 20. Risk Management, The Number 1 Cause of Death of Forex Traders, Position Sizing, Setting Stop Losses, Scaling In and Out, Currency Correlations 21. Brokers 101, Forex Trading Scams

A FREE 16 Video Free Candlestick Course

Videos cover:

1 Candlestick Design   2 Candlestick Sentiment

3 Candlestick Development 4 Candle Pattern Stages

5 Shooting Star 6 Hanging Man

7 Hammer 8 Inverted Hammer

9 Doji 10 Harami

11 Dark Cloud Cover 12 Piercing Pattern

13 Bearish Engulfing Pattern 14 Bullish Engulfing Pattern

15 Evening star 16 Morning star

Besides the 16 Forex Video Free Candlestick Course you can access a comprehensive MT4 indicator which will automatically identify and ALERT you of the candlestick course patterns.

FREE Multiple Moving Average Course


The Multiple Moving Averages can save you considerable time when evaluating trading conditions.

They also provide some interesting trading setups worth taking note of.

The charts that convey vital information about currencies.

Information that will give you confidence when using you with the trend, channel trading and breakout trading techniques.

This can be used in both trending and sideways markets

FREE Channel trading Course

The reasons for the success of channel trading are:

  • Channel trading can be used in range bound and trending markets. Very few trading techniques are successful in both types of markets.
  • Channel trading decisions can be made using any timeframe. Better results are obtained using multi timeframes to make your trading decisions.
  • Channel trading can be highly mechanical and rule based. This makes it easier to learn and teach and automate.
  • Channel trading has fixed targets and stops. Targets and failure price levels are very easy to determine and this provides a good risk management framework as these are determined before deals are entered.
  • Channel trading is the only technique that gives you the potential of catching almost 100% of a trend.
  • Channel trading allows the use of pending orders and following stops.
  • Channel trading allows you to risk the exact same % of your account on every trade as it has known starting stops
  • Channel trading gives very early signs of failure allowing you to get out of or reverse direction on deals very easily.
  • Channel trading allows for different currency hedging.
  • Channel trading can be automated.
  • Channel trading only required one active trade per currency. No FIFO or same currency Hedging complications.
  • Channel trading can be very relaxing as the need to watch the screen is highly reduced.
  • Channel trading allows you to enjoy the fruits of Forex trading such a free time, travel and much more.

FREE Double your Forex Account in a Day Course

The Double your Forex Account in a day has become very popular since trading accounts have been doubled a number of times recently.

This has resulted in a free forex Double in a day eBook explaining the technique.

This free Forex ebook can be downloaded today by clicking on the heading above.