3 Ways used by Traders to multiply Forex gains

3 Ways used by Traders to multiply Forex gains

3 Ways used by Traders to multiply Forex gains

You need to make the best of your good trades.

“You cannot succeed at trading if you do not add to your winning positions” – Bill Williams – from his legendary book “Trading Chaos, 2nd edition”

Many traders do not know Bill Williams but he is part of one of the wealthiest trading families of all time. MT4 have so much respect for his trading that they have a special indicator section specially dedicated to his indicators. The above book explains the use of these MT4 Bill Williams indicators.

Ways of making the best of winning trades

There are many ways of leveraging gains made on successful deals. Pyramiding or reverse pyramiding are examples. At Expert4x we have automated the most popular techniques used by winning Forex traders.

The advantage of all these techniques is that you can start with very low risk and yet increase your gains considerably at the end of the transaction. Starting with a 5% risk and increasing gains to 100% on a risk free basis is not uncommon.

The 3 techniques are:

  • Increasing lots in a winning trade at no risk (The Double in a Day Expert Advisor)
  • Taking all the trades possible (trading the same trade over and over again) in the direction of a trend – (The Grid Trend Multiplier EA)
  • Trading all the candles in the direction of the trend and keeping them open (The Slant of Success EA)

Below is a brief overview of these techniques which multiply your income from successful trades over and over again.

The Double in a Day Technique.

When using this technique you can risk say 5% to start with. The EA will automatically add more lots to your position on a risk free basis (risk free basis means that you will break even if your stop is hit). Eventually you can increase your gains to 100% with the same transaction. Hence the name of the EA. There are more than 200 Double in a Day trades recorded in a month so this technique works very well.

Please view this link for more details:




The Grid Trend Multiplier

This EA allow you to choose a direction and grid size. The EA will then take every trade in that direction that touches the grid that you have established. At grid levels it will cash in positive transactions and re-enter new ones. When the price retraces it will continue entering transactions at previously visited levels and this creates a multiplier effect. In recent trading competitions this the multiplier multiplied a particular trend 16 times! (a trend of 1000 pips yields 16 000 pips) It also allowed the winner to generate an 860% return in 2 months in another competition.

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The Slant of Success

This is a fully automated EA which trades the slant (angle or slope) of a short and longer term trend at the same time. It will automatically trade when the slant of the short term and long term trends are aligned and not trade when they are not. By combining this technique and the GTM technique our recent trading competition winner was able to generate an 860% return in 2 months.

The Follow my leader trading approach.

This approach enters a deal at the close of every single candle when the Slant of Success identifies a trend. The trader can decide how many open candles should be used. If 4 open candles is used for instance the EA will close the 1st deal when the 5th deal is opened so that there is only 4 open deals. The trend can be multiplied anything from 4 to say 8 times this way. This option is built into the slant of success EA.

The Slant of Success EA is currently being tested by a select number of Forex Traders and will be launched to the public in February 2016. Please watch your emails for more information.


Give these Top Up techniques some thought

The one thing that these techniques do is they turbo boost your risk return ratio. Let’s say you enter a deal risking $100 and it is successful and your make $100, you have made a 100% return on your risk. Let’s say for the same deal you risk $100 and you make $2 000. Now we are talking. This is what happens when using the Double in a Day technique –  5% turns into 100%. for instance


Overcoming fear of doing things the different ways

“Come to the edge of the cliff” she said

“We afraid” they said

Come to the edge of the cliff” she said

“We afraid” they said

Come to the edge of the cliff” she said

They came and she pushed them over

…and they flew and later soared to great heights

That is how a mother Eagle gets her young ones to fly. She helps them over their fears in what appears to be a cruel way. To achieve great heights we all have to come out of our comfort zones.



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