327 FREE Forex EA Winners announced.


327 FREE Forex EA Winners announced.


Our 1 in 10 Free EA offer has been going for quite awhile. Over 7 weeks.

Expert4x has just had the October draw where 327 active participant on our monthly draw mailing list have received 1 free Forex EA of their choice.

If you are a winner, congratulations.

You will already have received your email to nominate the EA you want to download. If you have not received such an email you have obviously not been successful in this month’s draw.

How to enter

On our websites and webpages there are 1 in 10 links you can use to enter. These links are “hidden” and need to be found. We only want really interested visitors to enter the draw. They are mainly on some of our product marketing pages but can be found on many other webpages. Sometimes they are right under your nose.

Conditions of the monthly draw:-

  • The monthly draw is made once a month.
  • Only valid active emails at the time of the draw will qualify for the draw.
  • 10% of all active email addresses that have entered the draw will receive an EA of their choice. They will be notified by email and need to respond to the email to start their download. You have a 1 in 10 chance of winning every month.
  • You can only enter a monthly draw once. Once in the draw you will qualify for each monthly draw which means that your chances of winning will be higher each time there is a draw.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries but each entry needs to be on a valid, unique email address. So you can get your Forex trading friends and family to enter to increase your or their chances.
  • Once you have entered the draw you will receive all the normal Expert4x emails sent to its client base. Opening these emails confirms that your email address is valid and active.

Good luck with the next monthly draw!






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