Forex Business hiring product managers

Forex Business hiring product managers


Your Opportunity

We are a Forex Business hiring product managers. Thanks for showing an interest in one of our full-time positions with Expert4x.

During this year we will be expanding our product range considerably and we need Product managers to manage each of our products as an independent business of its own.  Our existing resources will not be able to provide the customer support they are entitled to.

Being a product manager for one of our products entails the creation of a structured marketing plan and the implementation of this plan to generate sales income. This would also require participation in ongoing customer support (upgrades, education and webinars) and forum involvement  (responding to posts etc). Internet marketing skills such as promoting the product in social media, listing it on affiliate and sales sites etc. are very important.

This is not a trainee positions and applicants must show and demonstrate experience, knowledge and achievement in these areas in their applications. You can be located anywhere in the world and be able to do this activity on a full-time basis. Should you be successful after an initial period more products will be added to your responsibilities.

Your Application

Your Application should

  • Expand on specific experience you have in marketing Forex or financial product on the internet.
  • State the product you would like to manage and why
  • Have a high level marketing/operational plan for that product that shows your internet and industry marketing skills you intend using if you application is successful.
  • state any other information that would put your application ahead of any others.

The Rewards

Over and above the work from home advantages you will receive a monthly paid profit share (20% to 40%) of your products total income (products already have monthly income so you will some secure income).  Income could be anything between $ 3000 and +$10 000 depending on how successful you are with your ongoing marketing and customer support efforts. You will also be building on your internet marketing skills and be more involved in Forex trading.

Please hurry

More details will be supplied after your initial application has been received. Please send your applications directly to alex “AT” Expert4x “dot” com

We hope that you are able to take advantage of this opportunity. If not please pass this information onto anybody who you may know who meets this requirement.




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