80+ successful DIAD Forex trades in 10 days



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Total Double in a Day trades in the last 10 days

There have been no less than 83 successful trades in the last 10 trading days.

Using the 105% gain, based on a 100 pip trend, method 20 successful trades were produced.

Using the 50% gain, based on a 80 pip trend, method 63 successful trades were produced.

This means that the 80 pip trend traders are more successful overall than the ones going for 105% gains using 100 pip trends. 63 x 50% = 3,150% compared to 20 x 105% = 2,100%. 80 pip trends are easier to find than 100 pip ones.


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80 pip / 50% gain Double in a Day trades

The trades below were made using the preset based on a 80 pip trend with 2 tops going for a 50% gain.

There were 63 successful trades made during the last 10 trading days.

Below are 14 made by the GBPJPY. Other currencies are AUDUSD (7) EURJPY (14), GBPUSD (12), EURUSD (13) and AUDJPY (3)

30 min charts were used to display the trades. This time frame does not always represent the time frame use to make the trading decisions.

The charts show the actual trades transferred to the MT4 trading charts showing the initial entry (red arrow) and top-ups and cash-in price levels.


GBPJPY  6 successful trades

80+ successful DIAD Forex trades in 10 days


GBPJPY 4 successful trades



GBPJPY 4 successful trades




1 hour charts – 11 transactions



EURUSD – 4 more trades




  • Schalk

    June 27, 2015

    The arrows on the charts (showing the good trades), did the EA put it there?

    • No the EA does not need to put then there as they are where the initial entry occurred anyway. They were just added by us to help you eye see the initial trade of successful DIAD trades.

  • Drew Jr

    June 28, 2015

    Can you share what technique was used for these trades?

  • A&M Traders

    June 28, 2015

    Great result! How many unsuccessful entries did it take to catch these successful deals?

  • Schalk van der Merwe

    June 29, 2015

    The DIAD Ea that traded above, is it the one available to be bought in EAFactory at the moment?

    • Yes – no idea why they would be different – you can purchase it at a 50% discount

      • Schalk

        June 29, 2015

        Thanks – I thought you were busy with tests on the EA for alterations, also – sorry for the double post, the previous post did not show up until 10minutes ago!

        • All post require approval so could take time. Whenever you refer to an EA please use the EA’s name. No the Double in a Day is not being tested for alterations.

  • Schalk

    June 29, 2015

    The EA this is displayed above, is it the one available now on EA Factor?

    • All the Expert4x EA are available of the EAFactory website.
      The results above were achieved using the Double in a Day EA which is available on the EAFactory website at a 50% discount to existing EA clients.

  • Greg

    June 29, 2015

    is there so charts i don’t see any charts

    • If you have a very slow internet service or you are trying to view the post of a slow mobile service please give the charts time to load or try another browser

      • Greg

        June 29, 2015

        it has nothing to do with internet services, as i have said before it’s your web site problem not other peoples problem,
        i have tried more than one location, on more than one type of browser, it doesn’t matter, i’ve been a computer programmer for last 36 years, build my own computers for last 21 years this not an internet problem, it has to do have type of software your using to create the web site

        • Sorry that you are experiencing problems. Thanks for letting us know. We will do a bit of research to see how widespread the problem is.

          • Quantum-FX

            June 30, 2015

            Just FYI -> I never had ANY problems with your websites.

          • Alex du Plooy

            June 30, 2015

            Thanks for your feedback

  • Philip Ng

    July 7, 2015

    I am really interested in the EA and your EA is awesome.

    Just a quick question, do you mean the EA will have the feature to look for trade setup and automically open trade for us? In the past I get to know where we need to look for trade ourself and then need to attach manually.

    Is the DIAD EA we purchase same as you use in the above testing?

    For the above testing, you are using single technique or multiple techniques to open trade and is it is all automated?

    Do you have the link how to conduct the test? Last time i saw a youtube where you run on multiple pairs and each pair 2 sets , 1 for buy and 1 for sell.

    I like the idea of linked service that you try to come out. It would free us from hosting the software in vos, having trouble to get the right settings and help us to have a better money management.

    • This comment has been made on a DIAD EA page so I assume you are referring to the DIAD EA.

      The trader must supply entries for the DIAD trades – the EA manages the trades from then on.

      There is only one current version of the DIAD EA – the results are not testing they are real trades.

      Again this is not testing – the trader can and does use any Forex Trading technique he wants to to identify trades

      Not sure what you are referring to – there is no testing being done for the DIAD EA

      Please give your feedback about the linked service in the Survey

      • Philip Ng

        July 8, 2015

        Sorry for the misunderstanding and naive. Just want to understand your DIAD EA better.

        When you mention “trader must supply entries for the DIAD trades – the EA manages the trades from then on.”.
        Do you mean trader just need to attach DIAD EA to chart specify parameter like what is the risk % per trade, stop loss pips, take profit target pips and percentage to gain and the strategy to use (I assume DIAD EA have own builtin strategy to look for trade setup) then just leave it run.
        Do you mean Trader need to manually look for entry setup and when found trader need to attach the DIAD EA and key in input parameter above, DIAD EA will open all trades and manage trade subsequently. Just an example , I notice you mention in previous email news update about the Envelope strategy using Envelope Indicator and RSI 4. If I were to use the DIAD EA, I need to monitor the market as and when there is over sold and over bought and meet the Envelope Strategy, then i attach the DIAD EA and then DIAD EA take over trade. I hope I got it right the way the DIAD EA work.

        I assume there is no builtin feature to look for trade setup. Just wondering whether can we incorporate our own strategy into the DIAD EA, or maybe we have our own EA that look for trade setup and inform DIAD EA using globalvariable to open trade. Sort of like DIAD EA running in standby mode and another EA look for trade setup.

        Yes I have fill in the Survey.

        Thank you for the reply Alex. You are helpful. 🙂

        • This is right:- Do you mean Trader need to manually look for entry setup and when found trader need to attach the DIAD EA and key in input parameter above, DIAD EA will open all trades and manage trade subsequently. Entries can be done via pending orders or market orders. The DIAD strategies can be entered and saved well in advance so there is no need to enter the strategies at the time.

          The HAPPY EA has the built in DIAD feature to enter trades based on envelope, RSI and SMA activation signals http://www.theforexexpertadvisor.com/ and trade continuously – The results of this EA are however inconsistent

          You can not link the DIAD to other EA trading signals

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