Automating the RSI Indicator for easier Forex trading

Automating the RSI Indicator for easier Forex trading


The Multi RSI Indicator

We have searched the Forex Market place for a Forex trading tool that will allow us to conveniently see the status of the RSI for as many currencies and as many time frames as we want on our trading charts.

We currently have a Beta version automating the RSI Indicator in EA form and before we release it we want to make sure that it meets all the needs of all of our Forex traders.

Essentially it displays the following information about the RSI for as many currencies as your broker trades and in as many time frames as you want.

 RSI Indicator

Green is overbought, red is oversold and blue is neutral. Colors are user controlled so you can change the colors.

We are adding the following to the above:-

  • The actual RSI readings will be displayed in the colored boxes
  • A column will be added were the words: Potential trade will be displayed when the colors align.

Your feedback on Automating the RSI

Please use our survey to give any feedback you may have:

Other indicators.

Many of our clients like using other indicators such as the CCI, the Stochastic or Moving average. The above table can be created for any indicator our clients want – please give us feedback in the survey.




  • Michael Kitching

    March 24, 2015

    Once again, although similar MTF RSI indicators have been around a while on the forums, its a welcome addition to our toolbox. I would like to see:
    – automated (one-click) horizontal, customisable take-profit lines at say, default 10-pip intervals? We could also use such lines for adding to our positions
    – Over Bought Over Sold (OBOS) areas coloured different shades of red and green in RSI/CCI/MACD indicator window
    – Price bars get an outline colour red/green when approaching OBOS areas in indicator windows
    – A good channel-creating indicator/EA that gets major, medium and minor channels

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