Forex Automation, Barry Thornton’s 4th Forex trading secret

Barry Thornton's 4th Forex trading secret - Forex Automation

Forex Automation of processes

Automating his process was very easy. By doing the same activity day after day and week after week Barry effectively automated his trading. No thinking was required – he merely had to follow the process he had created without thinking too much about it.  The true test is that your subconscious should automatically know what to do – a bit like driving a car.

By following his automated process he cemented secrets 1 to 3 as a success routine and created the 4th secret: – The automation of a success formula. He created a success habit that is difficult to break for over 10 years and also easy to follow and adhere to.

His daily automated process was.

  • Review the Forex market and plan the trading for the specific day and trading period ahead.
  • Review the relative strength of currencies using most trading time-frames
  • Review trading currencies in the various time-frames to determine the trading phases they find themselves in.
  • Trade the European session until the open of the US session
  • Trade the US session until the close of the European session
  • Record all reasons for entries and reasons for exits for all transactions
  • Do a postmortem of all transactions at the end of each session.


At the end of the week the automated process was

  • Review all charts for missed transactions and determine the reasons why they were missed.
  • Plan for next week’s trading using technical analysis and fundamental information.

But he did not do this on his own. He did not do these activities by himself. That would have caused all kinds of problems to stick to the routine. Boredom and bad thinking would soon creep in and his success activities would become undisciplined.  He had lots of outside help to keep him on track. But, that is the subject of the next modules.

Most of the above process will be reviewed and clarified in the modules to follow.


Have you identified the real Forex trading secret?

By now you should be realizing that the actual trading method he used did not matter. He would have succeeded if he used Fibonacci methods, Pivot point methods, Support and resistance methods, indicator based methods or any method for that matter, to start with.

It is not the trading method that made him a trading success. It is the his strong mental strength, burning desire, clear thinking, work ethic, discipline, focus, objective outlook  and many more personal qualities that produced his exceptional success. The trading method he started with is actually irrelevant. He would have succeeded using any method.

It is very likely that you already know the Forex technique that will make you Million a year Forex trader but very few traders have the desire strong enough to do what it takes.


  • Peter Godau

    March 5, 2015


    I am so loving this course, this is what separates the pro’s from the wanna bee’s, this is what maketh the MAN.

    Love the part about taking ownership and responsibilty, gee normally people shy away from that because it’s to hard, want to blame someone or something for their inability to succeed.

    Time for me to stand up to my ownership and responsibilities.

    Thanks so far


  • Fabian Schroter

    March 5, 2015

    Hi Alex
    Thanks for the new chapter.
    One thing I sense when reading through the chapters is this, and please correct me if I have the wrong perception: It appears to me that, as you follow the steps one by one and execute them as they should be executed, routinely, sincerely and in full depth, then the subsequent steps should gradually become a little easier to achieve. Is that the case? I’m thinking of step 1 and 2, and then step 3: Belief. If you do step 1 and 2 really properly, being able to fully believe in your system and in its success should not be all that hard? Am I coming to a correct conclusion here? And if step 1, 2 and 3 are in place – it almost follows naturally that one would do these steps automatically, because it is so successful to do so!
    Thanks again.


      March 6, 2015

      Exactly – it becomes very easy

  • Wayne Davis

    March 5, 2015

    After reading Barry’s 4th secret, I wondered if he could take my method and make something positive from it. This article states the difference between those who make money trading and those who don’t.


      March 6, 2015

      Exactly – most Forex methods can be highly profitable – it is you mental approach that make the difference

  • Paul smith

    March 6, 2015

    It took me years of looking for the system that wouldn’t lose to finally come to the conclusion you make here… was a truly liberating experience for me in that our trading success really is in our own hands, and not the randomness of the market !
    The steps that you’re outlining here confirm this to me.
    Great stuff !

  • Chah Ring

    February 15, 2017

    Building success habits that could really be applied to anything in life…deep!!


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