Barry Thornton’s Forex trading Technique:- Introduction


Barry Thornton’s Forex trading Technique:- Introduction


What you will  get from this Course

whats in it for meThis course will describe the process Barry Thornton used to create a trading process that generates well over a million US dollars a year. It describes Barry’s processes and trading techniques in as much details as possible. You should find the actual trading technique is easy but the trading discipline to follow the processes might be challenging. At the end you will be in a position to decide whether you want to copy the process and start generating million dollar returns.


Hi this is Alex du Plooy. I will be taking you through this course about Barry Thornton’s Million Dollar a Year Forex trading Technique.

You first question might be: “Why you?” we want the real thing – we want Barry to present the Course.

Answer 1: The answer to that questions will become apparent in the course content. In short however Barry is 100% a forex trader. He is not an educator or anything else. He is in the business of Forex trading to make money for himself and his family. I am a Forex educator so we make a good team.

Answer 2: I grew up with Barry in the Forex Trading sense. I met him in a Forex Course held in Midrand, a city between Pretoria and Johannesburg in South Africa, more than 12 years ago. We then met again during an MTI course and soon developed a good friendship. We traded and experimented together for over 8 months discovering more and more about the Forex market. I moved away from South Africa soon afterwards, spending more time in Greece and Europe during their summers and in Australia during their summers, but I am in weekly contact with him via the internet and visits.

Anyway it is important to understand that I am going to be giving you the information you need to succeed like Barry did but that I have quite intimate knowledge about his technique.

Why for free

Your next question maybe: “Why is Barry sharing his secrets with us for free?”

The actual trading technique is disappointingly simple and easy to copy. Then everything is in the hands of a master. It is a bit like Rory Mcilroy sharing his golf secrets with other golfers. He knows that (although important) it is not only about the swing – there are other factors that play a role. Mental processes, perseverance, practice, desire to win, big match temperament, experience, learning from failures etc. that took years to do or master.

Rory Mcilroy

So Barry knows that even if the techniques are explained and taught very few traders will have that (almost unexplainable) little bit extra that will push them to the level of success that he is experiencing automatically at the moment.

He personally has nothing to gain and sees this as a way of giving back to Forex a little bit of what it gave to him.

Personal technique

There are many ways to succeed in Forex trading. Barry’s way works the best for him. It suits his temperament very well but it may not suit yours. Exceptional results often require exception effort.

To many of you this might be disappointing and discouraging and you would rather spend you time finding the best and latest EA.  Now is a good time to stop wasting your time on this course and good luck. This course is about real trading success – it is not instant fix.

To many of you this might be encouraging and motivating and you can see the long term benefits of a more thorough approach. To you I hope that you enjoy this course and get out of it what you are looking for.

Format of the Course

This course consists of a number of modules as indicated in the index.  Each module will be released with breaks of 2 to 5 days to allow for debate and discussion and questions.

When a module is active you will be able to access it via an active link on the course index page.

Please ask as many questions as you like as that will help guide the contents of the course to more specific bit of information.

Module Home work

Some questions for you to ask yourself in preparation for the rest of the course:-

Do I already know enough to succeed a Forex trading and some of the following factors are holding me back :-

  • Lack of confidence or belief in my system
  • Lack of experience with any 1 system
  • Lack of persistence with any 1 system
  • Lack of ownership of the system – you are trading someone else’s system and not your own
  • Too many distractions – new Forex products and services, forums, chat rooms.

Are you hoping for Forex success or in a process of creating it?

I don’t think I know enough about Forex trading to succeed –

If that is the case how much time have you allocated to learning how to trade profitably?

When are you going to leave the student and experimental phase?


Feedback, questions or comments

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  • mike zivaljic

    February 28, 2015

    Alex, you stress a very good point here regarding a trader trading his or her own system and not someone else’s. On several occasions I have either heard or read that the system that you understand the best is the one that you yourself create. I look forward to every aspect of this entire course.


      February 28, 2015

      Thanks for your comments Mike
      By doing postmortems and changing a/your system based on the information generated you are making any system your own – even if you start with someone else’s system. That what Barry did – He started out with what he was taught and refined that until it no longer even looked like the original system.
      That is the process we are try to teach – it is of no value to know about it – it only becomes of value once it is done.

      • mike zivaljic

        March 2, 2015

        I like that reply a lot. I never thought of it that way. Thank you Alex.


          March 2, 2015

          The process also allows the market to teach you how it wants to be traded.

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