Barry Thornton’s Million Dollar a Year Forex trading Techniques


Barry Thornton’s Million Dollar a Year Forex trading Techniques


Join us in a detailed course in which we look at the Forex trading techniques and methods of Barry Thornton who has averaged over a million dollars a year trading the Forex market as a normal online Forex trader like you and me. In this course we will cover all the elements that contribute to his consistent success.

Only the items in blue are available and active at the moment. More information (more topics activated) will be released from time to time based on the volume, quality and quantity of feedback, questions and comments generated.

The course will cover the following topics.

  1. Introduction
  2. Barry Thornton: Barry, the man and his achievements
  3. 1st Secret:     Continuous improvement
  4. 2nd Secret: Total Focus
  5. 3rd Secret:  Belief
  6. 4th Secret: Automation
  7. 5th Secret: Creating a Forex Cash flow
  8. 6th Secret: Market Knowledge
  9. Forex market environment: Relative strength of currencies and trendiness.
  10. TOP-UP techniques: Adding to winning positions on a risk free basis
  11. Increasing our chances of success by 50%: Using the relative strength of currencies daily
  12. Trading Approach: What makes the money.
  13. Fundamental trading approach: Total knowledge – minute by minute
  14. Technical trading approach: Taking all factors into account
  15. Forex market environment: Relative strength of currencies and trendiness.
  16. The Wave system: Prices move in waves – only surf the good ones
  17. Indicators used and specific signals: The strongest signal in Forex
  18. Advanced signals: The other strongest signal in Forex
  19. Confirmation signals: Pull the trigger factors
  20. Multi timeframe and multi-currency approaches: Total market perspective at once
  21. Exit strategies: When the money is really made
  22. Lot sizing and open deal management: Add or reducing lots in active deals
  23. Stop loss placement: Just in case
  24. Trading post mortem checklist: What made this system into a Million dollar system.
  25. Summary and way forward.: How this information can be used to create millions

Books studied by Barry and other Forex Books:- Forex Books

The above list of topics is likely to change over time with new ones added and the order might change. These changes are very dependent on client participation and discussion. If client feedback, questions and comments are low then the progress of the course will be low due to a lack of interest. Points 12 to 25 are still under construction.

The one thing for certain is that you will change as a Forex trader by doing the course in its entirety and in detail. You may have to read the course a second time to find out how Barry found the true secret of Forex trading.

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  • Shane Bullmore

    Reply Reply March 13, 2015

    No one needs this information more than me. I have struggled in my trading because of a lack of discipline and I have been a serial method hopper. I am patiently waiting for all the material to be released so I can put everything into practice. Hard to put the secrets into practice when you haven’t really got a trading method to use, but hopefully by the end I will because I am trying to start from the beginning again and hopefully I will be able to turn my trading around.


  • Dave

    Reply Reply January 12, 2017

    Thank you for this very valuable information, especially coming from a trader who has walked the walk. So many traders and “gurus” in forex don’t back up what they say with verifiable consistent results. I’m very excited to make my way through the material!

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