The EA Calibrator©️ - User Manual

The EA Calibrator©️ is a tool that helps you find the best historical settings for a particular EA on your personal broker account automatically. Using this tool, you can determine the best currency and best timeframe for the EA to be traded.

If you have any questions about the process of using the EA Calibrator©️ as detailed below please use the contact us in the menu.

Read the process below or watch the video on the right

First identify the Broker account you are going to use.

The first step is to identify the Broker account you are going to use. If you intend trading live very quickly you need to do all the testing, we mention below on the account you intend using.

It is important that your broker account has enough historic data to do the testing we have in mind. Please view this video how to maximise that historic data you have available.


Installing the EA Calibrator@ File onto the MT4 Platform

Most newly purchased Expert4x EAs will have this file installed as part of the normal EA

download process. Alternatively, you can down load the file from the Expert4x Forum.

The File name will explain how it will be used.

  • The file name will start with EAC to confirm that it is an EA Calibrator file.
  • Next the EA name will be shown.
  • Timeframe to be used will be shown next
  • and Lastly the version will be given.

An example of a file name is: EACCandleTrader1hour1.0

Once the have the file downloaded onto your computer (it will be in your download folder) you need to copy it into the MT4 platform into the correct directory. Use the copy and paste method.

Do by this going to your MT4 platform and then from the menu selecting “File”, then “Open Data Folder”, then select “tester” and paste the file into that directory.

Loading the EA Calibrator©️ file into the Strategy Tester

Do this by selecting “View” from the MT4 menu and then select “Strategy Tester”. Load the EA, Select the currency to be traded, Select the timeframe and Select the spread. The enter the period you are going to test and click on “Expert Properties”

  1. Load the EA,
  2. Select the currency to be traded,
  3. Select the timeframe and
  4. Select the spread.
  5. The enter the period you are going to test and
  6. click on “Expert Properties”

Then in the “Inputs” tab click on “Load”.

Then select the Calibrator file you are going to use which agrees with the EA and timeframe to be tested and click on Open.


Running the EA Calibrator©️

Click on OK. And click on start (Leave the Optimisation box unticked)

In the “testing” tab tick the “Generic Algorithm” option and add $10000 to the amount used to test.


Make sure you get a result in the report tab – if not go to the problem solving section.

Please do not expect a profitable result at this stage. The main aim is to make sure the EA is working on the Strategy tester.

If you get a result, then tick the Optimisation box and click on start.

After a while you will see an indication of how long the test will run.

Let the test run

The test may tell you that it will run for many hours and even days. It is best to run these test overnight. After 12 hours you can stop the test and use the best results. 

Test results

At the end of the test click on “Optimisation Results” tab.

Sort the results to find the best result by clicking on the profit column

Highlight them and right click. Select “Set as input parameters”. This will transfer the results to the input field on the “Expert Properties

Run the tester again with the optimise box un-ticked.

Make sure the results in the “Report” tab, are the same as the best “Optimisation Results”

The EA Calibrator©️ has just found the best historic settings using your own personal broker historic data.

What is I am not happy with the results?

  1. First check if there is no technical error such as using a 1 hour file of a 15 minute timeframe etc.
  2. Next, test 4 to 6 more currencies to see if there are currencies more suited to this EA.
  3. The next to do is change timeframes and retest 4 to 6 currencies in different timeframes. You need a unique Calibrator for every timeframe.
  4. If your results are still not satisfactory contact the EA supplier with details of your tests and full details of the results for input from the supplier.