The EA Calibator ©️

Turn every EA into a money making machine

What does it mean to CALIBRATE your Expert Advisor ?

Optimisation refers to the process of finding the best settings that worked for a particular EA.  What most traders don't realise is that those optimised settings have a big chance of NOT WORKING on your Broker account.

Calibration refers to the process of optimising your EA for your specific personal broker account.

Why can't you use General optimisation results and set files

It is a well known fact that the results of 2 traders using the same settings can differ considerably. One can make a huge profit and the other a huge loss or even a margin call.

That is because factors and difference between broker accounts such as:-

  1. Different Broker account types ,
  2. Different minimum broker lot sizing policies,
  3. Whether the broker uses commission or spreads or both,
  4. Different Starting Account size,
  5. Different Price feed Timezones,
  6. Different Daylight savings adjustments,
  7. Different Spread charges,
  8. Different ways of using dynamic spreads during trading times,
  9. Different Margin requirements,
  10. Different FIFO policies,
  11. Different Monday opening and Friday closing Trading times,
  12. Different Candle cutoff times,
  13. Exact time the EA testing was activated,
  14. When the results are measured
  15. Your Internet reliability
  16. The delay between the EA identifying a trade and the broker reacting,
  17. The Brokers re-quote policy
  18. Whether your broker hunts stops or not
  19. Broker internet communication reliability

These are some of the factors that go a very long way to explain the big difference between results experienced by different EA traders using different broker account types.


So How does the EA Calibrator ©️ work?


You simply download it

and install it on your Strategy Tester.

You then run it.


As simple as that. You don't need any optimisation skills or anything complicated. The EA Calibrator©️ can be used to determine the best historical settings for any currency for your EA using your brokers own account settings.

The EA Calibrator©️ is timeframe specific so using different EA Calibrators©️ you can test every timeframe and every currency and easily determine your best chances of success.

This means:-

  1. You never have to rely on your EAs supplier or friends set files again
  2. You never have to rely on default settings your EA comes with again
  3. You can update your settings regularly on our own.
  4. You can create your own confidence and opinion of the potential success of an EA - you don't have to rely of potentially misleading marketing information anymore.
  5. You can be the master of your own financial destiny when trading EAs

Success at last

The EA Calibrator©️ in Action

So to summarize:

  1. The EA supplier showed a return of $7545
  2. When back testing the supplier settings on the broker account to be used the result was a loss of  -$1650
  3. The EA Calibrator found settings that gave $ 5875 on the broker account that will be used.
  4. The EA Calibrator found a currency that gave $ 14646 on the broker account that will be used

Clearly the EA Calibrator ©️ improves your chances of success tremendously by automatically calibrating your EA to your broker account and helping you find the best currency to trade

Who is the EA Calibrator©️ meant for?

The EA Calibrator©️  is meant for the EA trader who has bought a number of EAs and (strangly) none of them have been profitable.

The EA Calibrator©️ is an entry level tool for EA owners to start to calibrate their EAs for their broker accounts. These EA users will have very little EA optimisation and calibration skills or experience. The intention is to help these traders to make biggest initial move from step ZERO to step ONE on the ladder to EA management is a semi automated way.

It is not a complete EA management solution and does not give perfect answers but is the first step in the right direction. It will give you a good idea of whether your EA is profitable on your broker account. If you are highly experienced and have advanced optimisation skills clearly you are high on the calibration ladder already and this tool is not for you.

How you get hold of the EA Calibrator©️ ?

The EA Calibrator©️ , instruction manual and training is freely available to all existing owners of Expert4x set and Forget EAs. The EA Calibrator©️ files for all Expert4x EAs are downloadable from the Expert4x Forum.  

Below are the EAs that have EA Calibrator©️ files (click in the product name for more details)


If you would like to use the EA Calibrator©️ for a non Expert4x EA please complete the form below and we will create one for you.