Purchase Expert4x products using cryptocurrencies and Get 50% off the price you would have paid

As an alternative payment method for our products and services we also accept BitCoin, Ethereum and Litecoin . These can be used where clients do not have PayPal facilities or if they want to take advantage of special promotions.

Please use the details below to process your payment. We accept the US Dollar less 50% equivalent in the cryptocoin of your choice.  So .... New clients would get a 50% discount off the full price. Existing clients (you have to have an active EAFactory account) will effectively get a 75% discount (Standard 50% plus another 50% off that price). Crypto payments can not be used to increase discounts on special promotions.

Unfortunately we can not accept crypto payment that are less than $40.00

You can use this link to do the USD conversion to Bitcoin calculation or use any other method to calculate the Bitcoin you need to transfer      USD > Bitcoin

Please note that purchases made using cryptocurrencies are processed manually and can take up to 24 hours to be delivered. Cryptocurrency purchases are also not refundable.

Please note that only EA purchase and EABundle purchase can be made using Crypto - do not pay for forum subscriptions using CryptoCurrencies

CRITICAL STEP - if you do not do this we will not know the details of the amounts received and it will result in non delivery of your purchase 



  1. Email your payment details (subject:- Crypto Purchase) using this email address:- info@expert4x.com. Please mention the product you are purchasing and the exact amount of coins we will receive.
  2. Also detail your calculations of the product purchased details in the email to us.

Once your payment has been confirmed as a deposit into our wallet we will start the delivery process which could be anywhere between 1 and 24 hours.

Bitcoin purchases

Wallet:    1ErWzKVB5jA3sW6jWxeSfDLAn2hCyrY2RW


Wallet:  LPZLdcJNcbt1QUz65JhqNKykkVBnAL7bZX


Wallet:  0x7d4D1913d39a0d797bC4cc8d8199715799D572b7