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3 Methods of Doubling your Forex Trading Account quickly

Thanks for requesting more information. I am sure you will not be disappointed. I have trading Forex for over 12 years now and have realised it is a numbers game. You have to stack the trading, financial and risk odds in your favour to succeed in the never changing Forex Market.

Luckily very early in my career I realised that it can be as difficult to make one or a number of successful trades that could increase your trading account by say 5% as it is to double your account.

The 3 methods summarised below are not rocket science. They just use sound trading logic, commonsense and a knowledge of the nature of the market.

Links are provided to give you even more information about these 3 methods. I hope you enjoy learning about these methods and that you take them further by trading them or aspects of them in the future.


onedayonlyThe double in a day technique is actually a trading tool that allows you to add additional lots to a winning position on a totally risk free basis. It does take some skill to use and is intended to be used by Forex traders who are able to spot potential volatile moves in the market. It can and does double your account in one trade.

The moves occur mostly at the open of the larger markets and round about economic announcements. They also occur at bounces and breakouts of major support and resistance. Fixed spread broker accounts are often used to trade these during these volatile times.

The average week normally has 6 to 12 successful double in a day trades. The tool can also be used on a less aggressive basis to go for smaller targets on a risk fee basis. A trader does not need to go for a 100% return on one trade all the time with many traders increasing their chances of success considerably by going for 20% and 30% gains. Once you have achieved a 100% gain the 20% gains become much easier.


Please use this link to get more information about the great Forex tool which is in the form of a MT4 Expert Advisor.

We have a number of Expert Advisors and once you have purchased 1 you are automatically entitled to a 50% on future purchases.

(also known as the Maximum lot technique)

double in a day 2The double in 3 technique employs the same top up approach as the double in a day technique but uses 3 separate trades. It uses the maximum lot that the account will allow taking the stop loss and the margin requirements into account. It is based of a 100:1 leverage. When it first transaction succeeds the same maximum lot approach is used for the second and the third transactions. This normally will double your account with only 3 successful deals in a row.

For more information please use this link to download a eBook about the maximum lot course.

Maximum Lot Course



doubleinaday3The Grid Trend Multiplier has the potential of doubling your Forex account due to the fact that the cashes in on every trading within a user determined distance in a particular direction.

It can be traded in one direction or alternatively it can be traded in both the sell and buy direction. The multiplier effect, where the price re-visits the same price level over and over again, can cause trading in the "wrong" direction to be profitable. That is the main strength of this system.

It works best in a ranging market as high as 1 000 pips and does not perform well in strong trends when the incorrect direction was selected.

For more information about this great set and forget EA please use this link