Showcase of some recent Double in a Day trades experienced by a Double in a Day user

The trades below are reconstructed from a Forex trading account using the Double in a Day Forex EA. Please not that the Arrows on the charts are not part of the EA. The charts shows the entry, top-up transactions and the point where all transactions are closed

These charts are shown to illustrate the way the Double in a Day trades happen and do not represent the profitability of the EA. Break-even and failed transactions are not shown.

The GBPJPY and EURJPY have always been the  best currencies to trade when using this EA over the last 2 years and again these currencies have produced a considerable number of successful trades.

The main reasons for entry are based on support and resistance analysis and time of day factors. Entries are mainly taken at or just before high volatility times such and market openings and major news and announcements. Some entries are based on luck as they maybe a continuation of a failed transaction.