Expert4x: Conditions of purchase

Expert4x markets many Forex trading tools which include Expert Advisors and indicators.

In photography a good photographer will take amazing photos with the most basic camera while a poor photographer will take very bad photos with the most advanced camera.

The same applies to Forex trading. A trader with little experience or who is lazy will trade poorly no matter which tools the trader uses. It is always the trader’s responsibility to use the Forex tool in the best way to generate good Forex trading results.

Our Expert Advisors and indicators are thoroughly back tested by ourselves using demo accounts to make sure that they have produced positive results in recent months or even year sometimes prior to their launch. If they have not, they are not launched. We believe this is enough to prove their technical soundness and the potential to produce great Forex trading results. So we know that our EA’s are profitable and robust if used properly as designed. These test results are normally published in the marketing material or in the guideline settings.

In many cases we also run monitoring accounts (live demo testing) using guideline setting to monitor the results of guideline settings. Please note that only guideline setting are supplied - in no way to we recommend or guarantee that these settings will be positive. You should retest the setting before use.

We do not use live accounts in our testing and monitoring as our job is the creation of tested and supported Forex trading tools. We are a marketing and education business – not a Forex trading business. We are happy with the testing approach we use to assure the functionality of our EA's. It is also impossible to trade all the many variations of settings possible in live accounts. If you require live trading account results to make a purchase decision unfortunately those will not be provided and you will have to source your Forex trading tools from another supplier. We have no problem with that and respect your purchasing requirements.

Many EA's cannot be monitored as they are trading tools and the results depend on how and when the trader uses the Forex trading tool. The trader normally has full control over when and how the EA will be used. Other EAs have so many ways that they can be used based on currencies, timeframes, time of day, variations of settings etc. that it is impossible to monitor the thousands of trading approaches.

In all cases the Forex Trader has the responsibility to use a particular Forex Trading tool to its best potential. Like driving a car using a Forex trading tool requires experience and assumed responsibility to achieve goals. The best users of Expert Advisors are those who have optimisation and testing skills so that they can continuously find the best currencies, timeframes and settings to use. If your experience base makes you insecure about using Expert Advisors in general you should consider alternative Forex trading approaches.

So as a business that markets many Forex trading tools we are happy that we have tested our products and that we offer superior after sales support and training to ensure that traders have the best chance of success. We are happy that the EA's function correctly on a technical basis. In most cases we offer video and website courses and user forum support to help trader make the best of our products.

We therefore offer no guarantees that the EA will be profitable for you personally as we have no control over how you will use it and therefore there is no money back guarantee on any of our Forex trading products based on profitability or suitability or whether you like the EA or not. We do however have a money back guarantee should the EA not perform correctly as technically designed after we have been given the opportunity to remedy any problems.

So before your purchase please make sure that you fully understand the functionality of the Forex trading tool you are purchasing and the inherent risks of trading the Forex market on a Daily basis.