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See how it helps you create great top-up strategies with very precise price-levels for entries, stops and targets and then loads those strategies into your trading platform

Below are recent video examples of 2019 trades using Top-up strategies using our Double in a Day EA.

The Expert4x Top-up calculator is a tool manual traders can use to create similar top-up strategies for manual trading

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What are Top-ups

The term top-ups refers to adding more lots to a successful trade to increase the number of lots traded so that you can increase your gains. Effectively you are stacking more transactions on top of an initial successful one for more success.

Topping up will increase your potential income tremendously but it also increase the potential loss that you can make.

Risk Control is however very important. Therefore it is very  important that when a topup occurs one has to move stops of both the topup and the initial trade to a price level that will either result in the total of both transactions being stopped out will be break even or at worst not bigger than the initial risk of the initial trade.

Now all of this (topping up and calculating breakeven stops etc) can be manually or on the fly as the transaction is happening. This results in a lot of stress and anxiety and calculation and entry errors.

It is so much better to preplan your transaction before the time when you are relatively calm and let the entries and calculations occur on an automated basis.

That is where the Expert4x Top-up calculator comes in !!!

Top-up Calculator Output

So from your input as shown above the calculator does the following:-

  1. It automatically draws in all the information you need to create a strategy such as margin requirements, spread sizes, pip values, broker stop levels etc.
  2. It when creates the topup strategy by calculating the exact lot sizes that will help you achieve your targeted gains
  3. It also calculates the breakeven or initial risk stops that will be needed at every level of the transaction
  4. It then calculates the amounts required in account to finance margin requirement at the different topup levels taking profits already generated into account.
  5. It also provides you with the exact transactions you need to enter to implement the strategy. Once you are happy with everything it will even place the pending orders required by clicking on the Create Orders button.
  6. It does a strategy health check to make sure your strategy meets all the needs of a valid strategy based on 1) the balance of stops 2) the account size required and the broker minimum stop sizes.


Simply enter the details of the top-up strategy you intend using:-

  1. There are 2 risk methods 1) breakeven or 2) Initial transaction risk. If 1 is selected the topup process with be risk free after the first top-up. It the initial transaction risk method is selected all stop outs will results in the same loss as the initial transaction will experience if it is stopped out at before the top-up levels is reached.
  2. The Calculator will automatically find your current account size
  3. You can decide how much of your account you want to use for the top-up strategy. It is a good idea to use a smaller amount than your account size to reduce risk.
  4. You can decide what size gain you want to target and how much you want to risk
  5. if you were to trade you can then enter at which price level you want to enter
  6. and in which direction you want to trade

7.  You should then enter a target for your trade in the format of pips from your entry

8.  You should then enter you stop. This is also in the format of pips from your entry

9.  The minimum stop distance is important as trader often don't like using stops that are too small. Also the broker may impose minimum stop distances

10.  Then you enter your top-up levels - if you want to only top-up once leave the 2nd and 3rd levels blank.

Step 2

Your top-up strategy is automatically generated.

  1. All the basic information about the currency you are trading and your account is display here
  2. The Total strategy is shown detailing the number of lots to be used in every top-up phase and the gains that will be made on each transaction
  3. The margin of error shows the effective stop sizes that will apply initially and after every top-up
  4. Shows the finance or account balance required to fund every phase of the transaction. It take gains made into account.
  5. Shows the exact price levels for each transaction - NOTE that by clicking on the Create Orders button the calculator will automatically load the deals into your trading account.
  6. The final health check - 3 green light means you a right to go.

Please note all strategies are not all valid and not all efficient. You may have to change your input to make it valid or efficient - see tips below. It is impossible to to create a 1000% return with 1% risk using a $50 account size - that is an extreme example of an impossible strategy.

Information in the Forum will help you balance your strategy so that it is usable

The first thing to look for is the stop levels in the Margin of safety section to see if they are all positive, in reasonable balance and above the minimum stop level specified in your input and determined by your broker minimums.

Sample valid strategies

To help you with this process we have created 6 sample valid strategies to cover many Forex trader requirements. They have different targets, different top-up levels, different numbers of top-ups etc. That way you can select the strategy that meets your needs the best and use that as your starting point. You would then only have to make minor adjustments.

These sample strategies are available in our Forum at this link:-

6 Sample Strategies

This section of the Forum is password protected and is only for the use of the Top-up calculator owners.

In the forum we also help owners design custom strategies unique to their own requirements.


The Expert4x Top-up calculator comes with free upgrades and full technical support. You can use it on as many accounts and charts as you want to as long as you do not exceed 2 computers at the same time.

The Launch price is $59

Existing Expert4x clients receive a 50% discount by using the PayPal on the EAFactory website. Please click here to access the EAFactory website

EAFactory website

Unfortunately this EA can not be purchased using Bitcoin.

What are the differences between the Top-up Calculator and the DIAD EA?  Does the DIAD EA automatically manage the stops i.e. move the stops automatically once the price has reached the required levels whereas the Top-Up Calculator requires us to move the stops manually? Can they complement each other?

The DIAD EA does more or less the same as the calculator but is a bit more cumbersome when creating strategies. So we created an excel model to help traders create strategies and then refine them in the DIAD EA.  The Topup calculator sits somewhere between the basic excel model and the comprehensive DIAD EA that will do the whole job. The calculator can take the place of the excel model when designing strategies for the DIAD EA and can provide a start to manual top-up trading by helping the design of the strategy and load in the initial transactions.