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  • Michael Kitching

    May 28, 2015

    Regarding brokers: I’ve been digging around and came up with the following broker review link:

    Although mainly spread-betting oriented, this site performs the most in-depth and efficient reviews of brokers I have ever seen. Also, although focussed on spread-betting most of brokers reviewed also offer Forex trading through their MT4 platforms. So my reasoning is: if good Binary/Spread-bet offerings assume reasonable Forex ones too….

    The following are brokers I am looking at now:

    1) (England) This broker offers Forex, Spread-betting and Binary platforms (inc. MT4) This broker came top of review.

    2) (Australia) Came second in review

    3) Tallinex. If Expert4X are pleased with thier service then its good enough for me I guess

    4) AvaTrade (Ireland) They have good reviews but I would like to hear comments/experiences from Expert4X members

    5) HotForex. (Mauritius and Cyprus) A good broker but unsure about regulation though….comments?

    6) FinFx. Also a good broker but moving their retail operations to Cyprus…not sure if this is what I want. How is your money protected in a country that already had a 10% levy on accounts under 100K and 20% on accounts over that amount? this was forced on them by EU and could well happen again, especially with Grexit contagion….Also funds deposited in onshore GB banks offer £85K protection while Cyprus offers only 20K Euros….

    Please share any comments you may have and any good (and honest) review sites you may have found.

    I would like to see Expert4X review the Binary and spread-betting sites out there. This industry is maturing and is being ever more regulated. The main question I have with these methods of trading is the PRICE/TIME factor; my indicators can show me when to enter and exit but they cant tell me what PRICE LEVEL a currency pair would reach and in what TIME frame…..For example, ‘What price GBP/USD at 16:00 today?’

    Some spread-bets offer a Up/Down bet from current price up to end of day or some time during the day ….It may be possible to trade that scenario. Comments anybody?

    best regards
    MIke Kitching (

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