Forex MT4 Channel Trader Pro EA does it again





As you know Expert4x has been promoting the trading of Channels when trading Forex. It is the one of the most successful methods for using the Double in a Day Forex trading techniques. We also offer a Daily analysis service in our Forum featuring our Free MT4 Channel Indicator.

Below are details of the Channel Trader Pro EA that automates channel trading and achieves a very high success rate.

This software has a unique hook and works in a different way than other systems. It’s designed to make money and rarely loses; We are talking about over 99% win rate, here.

All backed by impressive proof. And traders will be able to replicate the same results without issue!

Forex MT4 Channel Trader Pro EA does it again

They only use 3 currencies

Forex MT4 Channel Trader Pro EA does it again

Why these 3 pairs? We discovered a unique pattern that has been consistent for many years on these pairs.

To exploit this pattern we created a strategy that targets this pattern and it’s worked so well that we turned just a live account from $4950 to $130000 in 1 year. See the live account details: REAL ACCOUNT

It has been established that with this unique pattern each pair responded exceptionally to my micro breakout strategy.

Channel Trader PRO incorporates this micro breakout strategy and scans the lower time frames. When the breakout occurs the robot automatically enters the trade and manages it for you.

Now, don’t mistake this for a high frequency scalper, because that’s not what this is. Channel Trader PRO trades about 200 to 300 times per year on average.

It is meticulous in its trade entry and tries to filter out bad signals with multiple verification levels.


Do you fit into any of these groups…?

  • Little to no experience trading Forex
  • Limited time on your hands because of work and family obligations
  • Minimal technical experience
  • Experienced trader, but tired of staring at the screen

If you fit one of these groups, then yes Channel Trader PRO can and will work for you. Channel Trader PRO is a simple plug and play system that only requires you to select your risk.

It then does the rest for you.

For more details click here:-

Forex MT4 Channel Trader Pro EA does it again

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