Forex trading with no Targets double results for Forex trading techniques

Forex trading with no Targets double results for Forex trading techniques

No Target Forex

Email recently sent to Expert4x clients


Suddenly it is Spring again. The birds are singing and everything is good.

Last minute test results submitted by our testers have caused us to delay the launch of the RSI Trendline Trade and Finder EAs by a day.

The reason for this is one of our more experienced EA testers found that if the target is totally removed from RSI Trendline Trades, the results more than double.

Why trading with no targets work

That is because the RSI Trendline trader tend to catch huge turning points in the market at the start of major trends. So why close a deal at +100 pips when you can close it a +300 pips.

So by replacing the fixed target with a simple following stop we have more than doubled the results we were getting before.

We have checked and this concept also applies to our RSI Divergence Trader EA and the Tradeable RSI Indicator EA and may apply to a few more.

This is a game changer. The trick is to remove the target all together. You will not get the same dynamic results if you merely trade the Target together with the Following stop which most traders tend to do.

The Forex Launch and thanks to our EA testers

A word of warning to the testers – install the launch versions of the EAs when it is launched. They will contain the new set files and the improvements suggested.

Testing an EA before a launch is critical for us to provide you our clients with a quality product. Testing has certainly been worth it in spite of us giving away a huge number of the EA. There have been a number of suggestions that will have improved result and decreased results. Thanks again to all our testers.

We are very excited about this launch and have decided to keep the price the same for a while after the launch.

The launch should happen in just over 24 hours. Apologies for the long wait.

Kind Regards


Mary McArthur



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