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These Free Webinars support existing Expert4x products and services as well as provide general education and guidance to Forex Traders

How to view the recordings and download webinar notes.

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1) Entry opportunities identification for the $2.5K to 1.4 Mil Course using one of the  methods shown in the course to turn $ 2 500 to $10 Mil.

2)   Part 1: Optimising your EA using the Make Money EA as an example (A must for ANY EA owner). The webinar was open to anybody. A special technique you can use to optimise EA in +/- 30 minutes. The webinar used a 4 hour timeframe to optimise the Make Money EA to result in a $19 000 gain on $10 000 in 6 months.

3) How to find as many Double in a Day EA trades as you want. There are at least 20 Double in a day trades a week. This webinar is open to all

4) Part 1: Manual Forex entries that work. Identifying conditions favourable for successful entries with some entry examples.

This webinar is open to all.


5)  Part 2: Optimising your EA using the Make Money EA as an example (A must for ANY EA owner) - a follow up of part one with new examples and optimisation concepts.

During this webinar we improved the optimisation results from $ 19 000 in 6 months to $100 000 in 2.5 Months by using advanced optimisation techniques and approaches.

6) Using the Forex Position Sizing EA which will be available at the launch of the 2.5k to $1.4mil course.

Presenting the Forex Position Sizer EA for the $2.5k to $1.4M Course. The EA builds on the concepts of the Course and makes the lot sizing information in the course readily available to traders on an automated basis.

7) Make Money EA Upgrade Webinar : We review upgrades made to the Make Money EA to improve transaction filters and to minimize retracement losses. No recording was made - you can download notes about the webinar

8)  Forex Trading Beginner to Expert Webinar - This webinar covers most of the important skills and mental abilities required to move from a complete beginner to an expert Forex trader. It supplies a check-list which will be of value to beginner and experienced traders.