Expert4x Forum

When using the main Expert4x Forum please realise that it consists of a number of password protected product specific forums.

The main forum requires a login which consists of a username and password. When registering to join the Forum you give yourself a username and password, so use those. If you have forgotten your username and password either 1) reregister or 2) use the password recovery process.

Also remember to tick the “Log me in automatically on each visit” option to automate this login in the future so that you never have a problem logging in again.

Product Specific Forums (Categories)

Now when you purchase an Expert4x an exclusive Forum (Category)is created for most products. These are password protected to prevent non owners from accessing these forums (Category). These only require a password (and not a username). Notice that there is no password recovery process. Also note that there is an automatic login option. Please click this option so that you don’t have to remember your password again.

If you have lost your product password you can recover it by visiting the EAFactory website. Please use the password recovery process to log into that website if you have lost your password. Otherwise contact EAFactory for assistance at . Once in the EAFactory website visit the product information page of the product that you purchased. The passwords can be found in the welcoming links or in the get started sections