Free Trading Ebook download. When Markets Attack


Free Trading Ebook download.  When Markets Attack

This Ebook is currently available for free download on the internet.


Below is the table of contents


Chapter 1 Psychology

– Trading Psychology “Mastering Your Inner Game” – Rande Howell II.

Chapter 2 Stocks

– Stocks “Trading Tops and Bottoms” – Steve Primo “High Profit Candlestick Signals and Patterns”

– Stephen Bigalow “2 Warning Signs to Keep you Out of Losing Trades” – Jared Wesley III.

Chapter 3 Futures

– Futures “Turn $156 into $1,000 Trading 30 Year Bonds”

– Hubert Senters “How to Use Market Profile to Trade Futures”

– Greg Weitzman “30 Trading Insights to Help Overcome Your Trading Fears” – Tom Busby IV.

Chapter 4- Options

– “How to Add Weekly Options to Your Trading Arsenal”

– Andrew Keene “Using Math to Generate Fantastic Short-Term Trading Profits

– Chris Verhaegh “Creating the Ultimate Retirement Plan with Credit Spreads” – Peter Schultz V.

Chapter 5- Forex

– “The London Breakout Strategy” – Joshua Martinez “Predicting Markets with Volume and Price”

– Nigel Hawkes “Why Your Entry Strategy Doesn’t Matter” – Casey Stubbs VI.

Chapter 6- Nadex

– “Using the Power Crossover Method to Increase Probabilities”

– Mark Hodge “Trading Nadex Spreads as the Ultimate Hedge Strategy”

– Darrell Martin “Two High Probability Nadex Strategies” – Cam White VII.

Chapter 7- Trading Necessities

– “Trade as a Business and Save on Your Taxes” – Robert A. Green, CPA

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