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The EA Wizard


EA Wizard is one of the Expert Advisor Tools that allows anybody to create Expert Advisors for MetaTrader4, quickly, simply, without programming.

StrategyQuant EA Wizard is a tool that virtually every trader needs.

You probably agree that at some point of time, almost every trader feels the need to make his own EA.
Be it either to backtest his trading idea, or to automatize his manual trading, or to simply create a simple signal alert indicator.

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genetic trade system builder

StrategyQuant is an unique software that allows your computer to generate new, unique trading strategies using the power of genetic programming and evolution. With ability to export the strategies to MT4 EA code.

With StrategyQuant you don’t need to define how exactly your new robot should work.
All you have to do is to choose indicators, price values and other components you want to use in the trading strategy and StrategyQuant will do the rest. No programming or trading knowledge is required.

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EA Analyser Pro

ea analyser

EA Analyzer (EAA) is a simple tool that can import your MetaTrader4 backtest or trading reports and compute advanced statistics like Sharpe ratio, periodical performance (by hour, day, day of week, month, etc.), strategy stagnation time, and much much more.

When you trade with real money, you need as much information about your strategy as possible. It is important to know the consistency of profits and what to expect in terms of drawdown, stagnation and monthly / yearly results for any strategy you intend to trade with real money.
For example when the strategy doesn’t make new profit high for over 60 days – is it normal or should you stop trading this strategy?

You should ask questions like:

  • What is the “quality” of the strategy? How does it compare to another strategy you backtested?
  • What are the best / worst days of week to run this strategy?
  • How much the startegy makes monthly or yearly on average?
  • What is the longest period the strategy stagnated before growing to more profits?
  • How will your strategy perform in a portflio with other EAs?

All these questions can be answered using EA Analyzer.

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Tick Data Downloader (free)


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Quant Strategy EA


Quant Strategy EA is a profitable automatic trading robot for EURUSD, with real, proven edge – see our trading journal or results on the real account.

It is not just another trading robot that you can buy online for a few dollars. We have actual real money accounts traded live with genuine proof of profitable trading. a specialized software that allows anybody to create Expert Advisors for MetaTrader4, quickly, simply, without programming.

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