The Grid Trend Multiplier

Multiply your Forex Profits on a Set and Forget basis 

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The GRID TREND MULTIPLIER is an ALL in ONE Forex trading Tool that makes it easy for Traders with little experience to succeed and at the same time lets experienced traders make a lot more out of their trades.

So inexperienced traders do not have to know the direction the price is going to move to make money in the Forex Market.

  • By using a clever HEDGING APPROACH you CASH IN profitably on ANY PRICE MOVEMENT. YES, any price movement whether up or down will make your account grow
  • Furthermore, it all happens on TOTAL AUTOPILOT. You don’t need to do anything. The more you stay away from the trading the better.

This sounds too good to be true – how is this possible?

Its secret is in the Multiplier effect. The multiplier is a setting that you use that makes the ROBOT cash in on EVERY move in ANY direction.

Now we all know that the price moves in waves or up and down movements so sometimes the same movement is cashed in over and over and over again.That is what we call the Multiplier effect.

Watch this video for a detailed explanation of how the Multiplier Effect works

So it is very easy to start

Inexperienced Forex Traders

If you are not sure of the direction the market will move you can use this Robot to trade in a Non directional way. You merely select your currency, select how often you want the Robot to cash in no matter which direction the price moves and way you go.  The robot will go ahead and depending on what you have told it to do will cash in between 50 to 300 pips every day on autopilot.

See the pip growth of one of our Non-Directional, Random trading accounts below.


Over a period of 6 weeks before this launch the EURJPY produced a 6 000 pip gain cashing in every 12 pips while trading in both a sell and buy direction in a 340 pip range – that is the power of the Multiplier.

Experienced Forex Traders

If you are more experienced and are confident about the direction your currency is going to go then you select to trade in only that direction. The benefit is that you will only cash in deals that go in your intended direction. That is more efficient and you will get a better return on your trading.

See the pip growth of one of your direction specific trading accounts.

Over a period of 2 months the EURUSD Cashed in more than 16 000 pips while trading in only in a sell direction during a 660 pip trend in a live Forex trading contest – again the power of the multiplier.


Over a period of 2 months the EURUSD Cashed in more than 16 000 pips while trading in only in a sell direction during a 660 pip trend in a live Forex trading contest – again the power of the multiplier

A very practical example of using this EA is EURSCALPER, who used the EA when entering the Expert4x 3 month $ 5000 Forex Trading competition.

He noticed a channel breakout and selected the sell direction. He eventually won the competition and ended up making 17 000 pips in the 3 months on the competition. The EURUSD traded in a 660 pip range during this time.

See the results: $5000 Forex competition

So don't waste any time any further and start trading the Grid Trend Multiplier right now. There is no reason why you could not be achieving these great results.

Before you do you need to make 2 decisions:-

  • The first decision is whether you like the single direction approach or the Non directional trading approach. You need to be a competent trader to use the single direction approach
  • The second decision is whether you want to trade the Grid Trend Multiplier yourself or whether you want it traded for you.

Making a decision about which approach you want to use will help you decide which way you want to make use of the Grid Trend Multiplier.


When purchasing the Grid Trend Multiplier you will receive 2 licenses. You can use the EA as often as you want as long as you don’t use more than 2 IP addresses at the same time.

User manuals, training material and videos will be provided to help you with the settings and use of the EA.

The EA is well supported by our EA developer, design and support team located Ireland. Depending on the time of day your questions will be answered within 1 to 12 hours.

Existing owners of any Expert4x EA are entitled to a 50% discount. Log into your EAFactory account to purchase there.

PLEASE NOTE: The (GTM) Grid Trend Multiplier EA, as it is a free upgrade and renaming of the (GTT) Grid Trend Trading EA. 


  • q-iconWhat size account do I need to trade the Grid Trend Multiplier?

    Please refer to this link for details of what account size is suggested. It depends mostly on the leverage you use and the multiplier success you experience. You can start with an account as small as $400. http://www.gridtrendmultiplier.com/determining-the-forex-broker-account-size-you-need-to-trade-the-forex-grid-trend-multiplier/

  • q-iconWhere can I see more trading results?

    Before re-launching the GTM we asked a number of our existing client to test the Non directional Trading approach. Their results are shown on this link http://www.gridtrendmultiplier.com/testing-of-the-non-directional-gtm-approach/

  • q-iconHow is risk managed when using the Grid Trend Multiplier?

    There are many ways of managing risk. These are covered in the training material and include – Currency selection, Gap size used, stop per transaction, pruning approach and appropriate account sizing.

  • q-iconDo you help me find the direction to trade the single direction approach?

    Finding the direction is the holy grail of Forex trading. Although we give some basic guidance it is really up to the trader to determine entries and exits for the single direction alternative and therefore we only suggest this option to experienced Forex Traders. If you are not sure about direction the non-directional approach trading results more than make up for this.

  • q-iconWill I need to be connected to the internet all the time to use the GTM EA?

    As with all Expert Advisors that run on MT4 you will need to keep the Robot connected to the internet and your Forex account continuously while the Forex Market is active by using a VPS service or by keeping your own computer continuously connected to the internet

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