Help Automate Barry Thornton’s Forex trading techniques


Help Automate Barry Thornton's Forex trading techniques

 Expanding the Barry Thornton series

The ongoing Barry Thornton series has energized traders and created a lot of enthusiasm and motivation for trading.

We are considering webinar trading sessions, chat rooms and a few other alternatives. One of the most urgent needs that have been identified is the need to automate as many aspects of Barry’s Forex trading techniques as possible. We have started this process from initial feedback received and we need your personal and specific feedback on some of the aspects we are automating.

Up to date Relative Strength of Currencies

A core ability promoted be the Barry is knowing which are the strong and weak currencies all the time. We are starting with the relative strength concepts and automating at information so that it can be seem on the charts on an up to date basis as an EA or indicator.  So you will know which the strength of currencies is all the time and would be able to identify strong and weak currencies while you are trading.

Please click on this link for more information and the SURVEY:    Relative Strength of Currencies

RSI Status for all currencies and time frames

Barry uses the RSI indicator extensively in most trading techniques. We want to create a RSI monitoring EA for all currencies and time frames so that this information can be seem on charts on an up to date basis as an EA or indicator.  So you will know the status of the RSI in different time frames by looking at a single table.

Please click on this link for more information and the SURVEY:    RSI Status

The above 2 EA’s will come with training modules to explain how to use them. We are looking at combining the 2 to make a trading system but that is still under development.

We need your help to automate the Forex trading techniques

We need your help in order to best meet your needs were need your feedback:

  1. Please let us know if the format of the outputs of the 2 above will meet your trading needs.
  2. Let us know if there are any other aspects of Barry’s course you would like automated
  3. Let us know is there are other indicators you would like to monitor all currencies and all time frames on

In order to give this feedback on automating the Forex trading techniques we have created 2 convenient and fast surveys  where you can give quick multiple choice answers and specific feedback if you wish. More details about the indicators and Survey are in the above links in this article

You HELP is appreciated



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  • Donald R Isbell Jr

    March 26, 2015

    I have built multi timeframe multi pair EA that can be used as a base as long as I get the final copy for free and can join in on the coding team. See my AllPairsEA pic on my website. Contact me if you are interested. I am a better coder than trader, will most likely lose my home in 4-5 months if I can not start make money trading.

    Kindest regards,


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