High volume, right time of day equals Forex turning points





High volume, right time of day equals Forex turning points



Forex turning Point

Isn’t it strange that the major turning point in the Forex market all occur more or less at the same time of day and when volumes make an extraordinary peak.?

This happen because the big boys have big orders in their Forex cannons and they fire them off when they don’t like the way the price is moving. The Forex cannon balls don’t only slow the price down but reverse the market.

Would you trade against a Forex trader who has a Cannon?

Lots of people do.

Are you taking full advantage of this basic market dynamic?

Volume indicator

The Volume indicator can be found on the MT4 platform under “volumes” indicators






  • Laszlo

    March 9, 2016

    Hi Alex,
    so far I learned that in forex Volumes has very different meaning than, say, in the stock market: it is the number of ticks “only”.
    I wonder how the big cannon balls (a limited number of big orders) and the number of ticks (small movements of the amrket) can be considered identical.
    Please explain.
    Thanks and regards

    • Irrespective of how volume is calculated – the point is when the indicator peaks there is a good chance that there is a reversal signal – is that not enough evidence of the reliability of the indicator. that is the point of this indicator – how it is calculated is not really that important if it works.

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