Your personal "Double your account

in 1 (one) trade" experience

* We show you how to double your trading account on your own computer and teach how to do it over and over again

How the service works

We will dial into your trading account on your computer using TeamViewer at a mutually agreeable time for a 90 Minute trading session.


TeamViewer is great remote support, remote access, and online, secure meeting software that has over 1 billion installations


We will use special trading chart templates and special profiles in your own account so that you can use the same approach in the future.

This approach uses multi-timeframe and multi-currency approaches with some standard MT4 leading and lagging indicators


We will analyse the market in front of your own eyes using those special chart profiles and templates.

The analysis is pretty simple when you know what you are looking for. We explain the signals we are looking for during this process.



We will identify a number of possible trading signals.


Often the market offers a multitude of signals and sometimes very few.


In the end one must choose the best currency with the best volatility with the best signals.


Then we will place ONE “double your account in 1 trade” using the best signal at the time of the session. This trade if successful it will double your account in 1 trade.

More about the sessions

Because these technique mainly use the Daily and 4 hour charts they are ideal for part time traders who only want to watch the charts once or twice a day. The techniques are good for US based clients as no hedging or other trading restrictions such as leverage play a role.

This is an educational session during which we will explain what signals we are looking for and during which you can ask as many questions as you like. You should get a good grasp of the technique during the session but we do not guarantee that you will be 100% competent in just 1 session.

This is 100% manual trading, so you don’t need any special tools and EAs. The templates and profiles used in the session will do job.

The techniques are based on Channel Trading, Divergence trading and Multiple MA analysis using multiple timeframes and multiple currencies.

We use Daily and 4 Hour charts as trades with targets of 100 to 150 pips are required to double your account in 1 trade.

The focus of this service is education and we like using demo accounts.  You are not paying for us to double your account. We don’t do that every time. This is Forex trading after all. We are doing this service at a time in the future when we do not know the market conditions and whether there will be any setups at all. Ideally we would trade only when there are perfect signals.

What you are going to need:

  1. An unused MT4 DEMO Trading account with a least 400:1 leverage capable of trading micro lots with a balance of $10 000 or more when we access your computer.If you don’t have such an account you can open a demo account with our Broker Tallinex using this link:- TALLINEXaccount
  2. The TeamViewer Software loaded on your computer.
  3. Skype loaded and linked to Expert4x – Skype will only be used as a backup for chats. TeamViewer has its own chat facility.
  4. A headphone or other audio setup that prevents sound feedback of our discussion back into to your microphone.

After paying for your session you will be directed to a booking facility where you can book the best day and best time of the day for your personal session. Booking is easy as an automated booking system is used. This allows you to manage your booking by booking in your own timezone and being able to change booking on your own.

If you would like to use a funded live account that will be totally at your own risk. You will have no recourse to Expert4x or its associates the outcome. You will have to take full responsibility and accountability for the transaction. The maximum live account balance traded during this session will be $500 and 400:1 leverage must be available.

Your Guarantee

You should learn a lot but the special bonus is that if we get it wrong (so far the statistics are 18.3%) we guarantee a 50% refund or a 45-minute repeat session free – what a bargain.

The techniques we use work well for the DIAD EA, the GTM EA and finding the trend for other EA’s and manual systems too. No EA’s will not be used in the TeamViewer sessions.

In the first 3 months of offering this service an +80% success rate was recorded

Provider and presenter of the service

Part owner of Expert4x, Alex retired early after a corporate career during which positions of Financial Director and C.O.O. were held in multinational Pharmaceutical / Medical multinational companies. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant and has a MBA.

Alex has been trading the Forex Market and teaching Forex techniques for the last 12 years. He has assisted in the development of a number of unusual and creative Forex trading techniques and tools over those years and is constantly finding ways of helping Forex traders achieve success. He has won a number of trading competitions generating exceptions returns in short periods.

Over the years over 13 600 students have completed online courses relating to Forex trading supported, presented or created by Expert4x.

So What do get from this session ?

  1. 90 minutes to view and learn a trading process that produces high success probability trades. The secret is not in the techniques - it in the process.
  2. 3  Templates for charts that can be used for Channel, Divergence and Multiple MA trading left on your computer
  3. 6  Profiles containing 12 currencies used for trading Channel, Divergence and Multiple MA techniques on 4 hour and daily time frames (the timeframes are ideal for part time traders) left on your computer
  4. A channel identification indicator installed on your computer
  5. A position sizing script installed on your computer
  6. 90 minutes to ask any Forex trading questions you would like to
  7. a 50% money back guarantee if the identified trade fails.

Sounds like a good deal - doesn't it ?

Special Bonuses

As a special bonus I also include the following courses:

  1. A Udemy MultipleMA Course valued at $50
  2. A Udemy course showing how to double your account in 1 trade valued at $20
  3. A 2 video divergence trading Course
  4. A  2 video Channel trading Course

By studying these courses BEFORE your session you can get much more out of you 1 on 1 session




If you have any question., comments or need more info please use the "Contact Us" facility at the top of this page

The cost of a personal 90 minute session is


$ 200

Apologies: This service is no longer being offered until further notice

Please note that after your payment you will be directed to a welcoming webpage containing all the information about your 1 on 1 session as well as a booking facility - Please bookmark this page as it contains important information

  • q-iconHow much capital outlay this will cost me in total including minimum capital required to trade the system.

    The cost of the service is $120. This is “normal” manual Forex trading trading 1 trade at a time. So you could probably start with $50 using a micro account if you like.

    Leverage and other US restrictions will not impact the results you achieve.

    The 400:1 leverage is required to double your account but if you use the techniques for normal trading any size or type of account will do

  • q-iconIs there a perfect time to trade ? A time when there is more likelihood for success and more opportunities?

    In general when morning sessions of the UK and US markets are good times to trade due to their volatility and that is the time good moves start.  Many trading decisions are however projected ones. So we say “I would like to get into the market when the price reaches that price level” That decision can be made at anytime and you could use pending orders to automate the trading. During the sessions we will use market orders to make sure of the transaction.

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