Personal one-on-one Forex EA Optimisation Service

Personal one-on-one Forex Service


New Expert4x EA back trading one-on-one Forex Service where we dial into your computer and show you how.

The one-on-one Forex EA Optimisation Service

Every EA trader needs to know how to calibrate and back trade any Expert Advisor. This skill is required for all EAs as the settings for every currency, timeframe and broker account can be quite different. Settings need to be updated occasionally.

Although we give basic guides to purchasers of our EAs this back trading skill is required on an ongoing basis. It is so much better to learn it for yourself.

We have implemented a service whereby, using TeamViewer and Skype, we will calibrate and back trade one currency and timeframe of your choice. Your own broker account is used on your own computer while talking and explaining what we do. At the same time, by watching, asking questions and copying us you should learn how to do the same for other currencies and other timeframes and even for all other EAs.

More Details

This service is only currently only available for our Make Money EA owners at this stage but will soon open up to a wider range of EAs. It is best to test the EA using the exact broker account you will be using to trade the EA live on – all back tests will be done using the history of that specific account.

  1. In order to make use of this service you need to be contactable on Skype ( ) and have a TeamViewer account ( )
  2. To get an idea of what we will be doing for you please read through the contents of the 2 links below and watched the videos on the pages.   and
  3. You need to specify the currency (No metals or indexes) and the timeframe (4 hour, 15 Min and 5 min) and make sure that you have enough history data on your broker account (4 hr = 6 months, 15 Min = 3 months and 5 min = 2 months)
  4.  Please specify at least 3 days of the week and 3 separate times (separated by at least 6 hours) you are available for your 1-hour session.
  5. You will get better value from the session if you have reviewed the setting descriptions as described in the user manual to have some understanding of the impact and function of each setting.
  6. There were 3 webinars showing the process of back trading the Make Money EA. A review of these webinars and their notes will help you get a feel of what is required. These recordings and notes can be found at this link:-

The cost of the EA Optimisation service on its own is $ 100 for a 90 minute session.


After paying you will be taken to a sort questionnaire which will supply us with your information in order for us to arrange the service.



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  • Patrick Schuppe

    June 18, 2016

    this is a great service and a wonderful offer!
    I proberly was inwolved in creating the idea for this service.
    I needed it because I am the first 100% ligally blind forex trader. So I needed a bit of extra help! The service was excelent and I got questions answered and problems solved.
    I will for sure get this service again once I need it.
    I can highly recommend this service!!

    Warm regards,

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