PooTumW produces a low drawdown and trades 1 trade at a time

ZuluTrade Trader: PooTumW



Link a demo account to PooTumW on a demo Broker account and see what results you get.
The biggest drawdown is 3% and he only trades 1 trade at a time.
You need less than $100 to follow this trader.
Almost $2 Million dollars is following this trader

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ZuluTrade is a collection of successful and unsuccessful forex signal providers. Your job as an investor is to select the signal provider accounts that will give your account the best chance of increasing but with manageable risk.

At face value the points below could be taken as being negative points. The facts below must not be taken to be negative but as information. Some traders make money by breaking all the rules we were taught in conventional Forex trading courses – Makes you think – doesn’t it?

Signal providers
Most signal providers use unconventional trading techniques.
Most signal providers use demo accounts. For a discussion on whether this is good or bad please visit http://expert-4x.com/should-all-forex-signal-provider-trade-live-accounts-to-be-worthy
Many signal providers have multiple trading accounts
Many signal providers use no stops or targets.
Many signal providers use Expert Advisors.
Most successful signal providers trade against the trend and will have big drawdowns in trending markets
Many trading accounts are copies of other trading accounts
The top rated signal providers as rated by the ZuluTrade system as arguably not the best traders or producers.

For more information use this link http://expert-4x.com/what-you-should-know-about-forex-signal-providers-on-zulutrade/

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