Results of the trade postmortem Forex survey


Results of the trade postmortem Forex survey




At the end of February, we did a Forex survey of how many of our clients did a Postmortem analysis of their Forex Trades.

Doing a detailed postmortem on every trade made in his Forex business is one of the main reasons for Barry Thornton’s amazing Forex trading results over the last 10 years.

It turns out that the majority of clients have no experience in this area and do not know how to do it.

For FULL details about the final results and comments made please use this link to access the results of this survey.

We will start remedying this gap in our client Forex trading in various ways but will start with the design of a comprehensive Postmortem checklist which will go a long way to assisting in this area.

This survey has been most useful and thanks for all participants for your contributions.

Here are some comments from the survey:

SurveyMonkey Analyze – Forex transaction Postmortem survey

“It’s something that I have just started doing within the last 3 months. The most important step I have ever taken to improve my results.”

“The practice of doing a “post mortem” on both successful and unsuccessful trades has given me a better “feel” or “instinct” if you will, when analyzing a chart. This “feel” or “instinct” causes me to use other tools or indicators to verify what I think I’m seeing when evaluating a chart for a possible trade.”

“Learned how I was interfering with the trade. Quick profits on bigger winners when I should have trusted the system.”


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