Secret 6: The biggest Forex delusion about Forex Market direction



Secret 6: The biggest Forex delusion about Forex Market direction


Technical Analysis


One of the most exciting elements of using Technical Analysis is the whole premise that the price discounts all news and world events and that you only have to trade the price action.  Most Forex courses and techniques are based on Technical Analysis.

How convenient and easy is that!!


This has caused a whole religion of Forex traders with such faith and belief in Technical Analysis that everything else was conveniently ignored and regarded as a distraction. You can hear them shout: “I don’t need to know what is going on around me because Technical Analysis is my guide and the way – it gives me the warm feeling I need and everything I would ever want” they never add “I am not really profitable yet but soon will be – I am so close it hurts”

This blind faith and belief that all information is already discounted into the price has immediately turned all Forex traders into lagging indicator traders.

Yes, many believe that the price is a leading indicator. As a reminder all price levels and indicators run off the price.

Case for Fundamental Analysis and Forex Market Direction


You only need to wake-up and see the facts for what they are to know that this is not the case.

The facts are that Fundamental information like economic news, currency confidence, reactions to unexpected news and results and world events drive the Forex Market Direction and price levels in definite directions. It is the fundamental relative strength of currencies that drive price movements and decisions of the major players in the market.

Technical Analysis is only a tool to find economic entry points once you already know where the market in heading because of the direction Fundamental analysis has given it.

If anybody has ever studied order flow and trading volumes they would realize that the big boys / girls push the price in the wrong way with small orders placed at low volume times of the day and then pounce into the market with a massive order in the right direction at times when the market is open to direction suggestions. That is what causes those famous pin bar reversals and why they are so reliable. The big players make money both ways.

Anybody who has seen the sometimes violent impact of economic announcements on price must surely acknowledge that news plays a role in the direction the price will move and technical analysis is often a useless tool to use.

You only need to study the causes of trends and turning points like Barry did to realize that decisions based on fundamental information have caused the market to start trending for a sometimes natural position and even while trending in the other way.

The Balance

One of Barry’s strengths is that he objectively sees the Forex market for what it is and how it behaves and not how other people want us to see the market. His conclusions are based on personal observation and experience over a number of years. He was far from perfect at the beginning.  That is why he has a technical trader and a fundamental trader in the trading room at all times. It is often difficult to do both at the same time.

When we started this series we got a number of emails saying: “Does Barry use the RSI” or “Does he use this or that indicator?” If you have read every module of this course so far you should start to realize that what sets Barry apart from other Forex traders in not the actual trading Technical Analysis techniques he uses. Many think the first few modules are merely an unimportant introduction or overview. They are the course! Sorry to burst your bubble but there is a large chance of failure when using Barry’s  Technical Analysis trading techniques if the other elements are not in place. Barry succeeded because he took the “Road less Traveled”

In future modules we will look at actual ways to get a good feel of what is going on in the Forex market from a fundamental perspective.





  • Stephen Eriaku

    March 11, 2015

    Wow, I must admit that while I’ve always known the best trader must be versatile between both technical and fundamental analysis, I have had trouble making sense of my trading using the fundamentals alone! So I sort of shelved it for last. Would therefore be a big resource to have Barry’s and your (Alex’s) input for me to see if I missed anything and eventually figure out a way to build it into my Robot!

  • Shane Bullmore

    March 11, 2015

    Hi Alex

    Will we learn the exact method that Barry uses. I know earlier in the units it says it doesn’t matter which method is used but I like this quote

    “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” -Anthony Robbins

    I have attempted to trade many systems but I end up giving them away. I want to be successfull and have faith in what I am trading. Which is secret 1 and 2

    • Yes the course covers most of the major methods used by Barry. Barry uses a handful of entry methods based on the market conditions. So reading the marketing conditions is step 1 and then deciding on which method to use is step 2.

  • James Phuc

    March 11, 2015

    Dear admin,

    The best way for most of us, retail traders as well as inexperienced traders to be able to enjoy some profits like Barry is that Barry opens a FUND Account or PAMM Account, and we are putting our money into this account.

    Every month, when profits come in, we will share after deducting the Performance fee of 15% – 30% which is reserved for Barry.

    At this time, forex market is too volatile, and difficult to predict the coming future trends. Also, most of us have daily jobs, and we can not follow the market closely and also, we can not have 100% focus, how can we win the market?

    Buying many courses is just for reading for widening knowlegde, not to be able to use those methods to make profits by ourselves.


    James Phuc


      March 11, 2015

      Hi James – Unfortunately that is not an option – Barry would unfortunately regard that as a major distraction. This series is tricky as most people would never be able to trade as he does. Hopefully traders will be able to take something useful out of the series which will help their own trading.

  • Chah Ring

    February 15, 2017

    Given the above, why sell so many different systems rather than information pertaining to the importance of following the “Road less Traveled”?

    Hope this question doesn’t read as rude.


    • Alex du Plooy

      February 16, 2017

      When you reach the road less followed it is often because of the fact that you have followed the other roads. An important part of a traders development is to try everything that works and only stick to what you personally like- there is no single system that guarantees success. It is the traders accumulated experiences that bring him / her closer to success

      Barry has found that you can give the best system to a bad trader and he will fail. You can give the worst system in the world to a good trader and he will succeed.

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