Table 1 of the relative Strength MT4 Forex indicator



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Table 1

Each currencies total change compared to all other currencies by time frame

 Table 1 of the relative Strength MT4 Forex indicator


The above table 1 reflects the total change a currency has experienced compared to all other analysed currencies as shown by this MT4 Forex Indicator.

Some conclusions you can make from the above table:

  1. The GBP has strengthened by 320 pips compared to the other currencies over the last 3 hours (you should had bought the GBPAUD).
  2. The EUR weakened by -6764 pips compared to the other currencies over the last 3 months (you should have sold the EURCHF)
  3. The USD has strengthen compared to other currencies no matter which period you look at (you should have sold the EURUSD).
  4. In spite of being very strong 1 month ago the JPY has weakened in the last week no matter which timeframe you use (you should have bought the CADJPY)
  5. In the last day (24 hours) the AUD has been the strongest currency mainly at the cost of the EUR (you should have sold the EURAUD).

This appears to be interesting information but is pretty useless and historic after the event. Or is it.

It is this type of information that helped Barry Thornton develop his million dollar systems. How you may ask? Well he simply asked the question – “How did I miss the clues that that would happen”. He spent hours studying the charts and fundamental information available at the time and then started noticing patterns. The above tool makes this all possible.

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  • Dean Sawyer

    April 8, 2015

    I believe your table order of timeframes is reversed from what would be expected. Think of it this way “what’s the look back period?” I would expect to start at the right and see that the shortest lookback is there with the longest lookback to the left. Same format on a chart screen with the hard right edge current and oldest to the left.I mightg be in the minority but maybe thetre’s an option built in to tailor it to personal preference.

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