The EURUSD dropped 3 200 pips after perfect trading signals



What Happened to the EURUSD after perfect trading signals


The EURUSD just dropped 3 200 pips after perfect trading signals. Entry and exit trading signals that Barry Thornton uses every day

The EURUSD dropped 3 200 pips after perfect trading signals

All the technical signs

The EURUSD just dropped 3 200 pips after perfect Barry Thornton trading signals.

  • 2 Candlestick reversal formations
  • a Double top
  • a trendline violation
  • a Moving Average violation
  • a strong RSI divergence
  • a RSI double top
  • RSI trendline violation

and what more you would have still been in the deal using the most reliable Moving Average crossover trend exit exit


Video of Trader views before the crash

Make money out of bad news

What the Economist has to say

IT WAS in Greece that the infernal euro crisis began just over five years ago. So it is classically fitting that Greece should now be where the denouement may be played out—thanks to the big election win on January 25th for the far-left populist Syriza party led by Alexis Tsipras . By demanding a big cut in Greece’s debt and promising a public-spending spree, Mr Tsipras has thrown down the greatest challenge so far to Europe’s single currency—and thus to Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, who has set the austere path for the continent.

The stakes are high. Although everybody, including Mr Tsipras, insists they want Greece to stay in the euro, there is now a clear threat of Grexit. In 2011-12 Mrs Merkel wavered, but then decided to support the Greeks to keep them in the single currency. She did not want Germany to be blamed for another European disaster, and both northern creditors and southern debtors were nervous about the consequences of a chaotic Greek exit for Europe’s banks and their economies.

A good answer to a bad question

It could all get very messy. But there are broadly three possible outcomes: the good, the disastrous, and a compromise to kick the can down the road. The history of the euro has always been to defer the pain, but now the battle is about politics not economics—and compromise may be much harder.

Tantalisingly, there is a good solution to be grabbed for both Greece and Europe. Mr Tsipras has got two big things right, and one completely wrong. He is right that Europe’s austerity has been excessive. Mrs Merkel’s policies have been throttling the continent’s economy and have ushered in deflation. The belated launch of quantitative easing (QE) by the European Central Bank admits as much. Mr Tsipras is also right that Greece’s debt, which has risen from 109% to a colossal 175% of GDP over the past six years despite tax rises and spending cuts, is unpayable. Greece should be put into a forgiveness programme just like a bankrupt African country. But Mr Tsipras is wrong to abandon reform at home. His plans to rehire 12,000 public-sector workers, abandon privatisation and introduce a big rise in the minimum wage would all undo Greece’s hard-won gains in competitiveness.

Hence this newspaper’s solution: get Mr Tsipras to junk his crazy socialism and to stick to structural reforms in exchange for debt forgiveness—either by pushing the maturity of Greek debt out even further or, better still, by reducing its face value. Mr Tsipras could vent his leftist urges by breaking up Greece’s cosy protected oligopolies and tackling corruption. The combination of macroeconomic easing with microeconomic structural reform might even provide a model for other countries, like Italy and even France.

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  • Barry Hettrick

    April 20, 2015

    This was a great investment trade but I think the vast majority of people would not be in a trade for 12 months.
    Everybody seems to get divergence wrong..why…because whatever oscillator you may use the indicator plots on candle (bar) on the close…agreed?
    But everybody draws a line for divergence on the highs (lows) of the price which is wrong. It should be on the close of the candle (bar) the same as the indicator…can you see what I mean? If you can’t then your “divergence” will not be reliable.
    You must match the peaks of the oscillator with the close of the bars.
    This also is very hard to do in the live market as you must wait for at least one candle close to form a peak but usually two candle closes to be obvious.Works great in hindsight.

    • Thanks Barry, Yes it a great example provided for educational purposes – only the big boys trading the monthly and weekly fundamentals would be in this one.

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