The Forex Price Action MT4 EA Power Punch




The Forex Price Action MT4 EA – Power Punch

The Forex Price Action MT4 EA Power Punch

EASY and Reliable

Expert4x has been trading a particular price action phenomenon for a number of years now. If anything the price action has become more reliable over time and those that are aware of it are literally printing money because of its reliability.

This price action is no secret and has been mentioned by Expert4x a number of times.

The concept is very simple and even a beginner can understand the dynamics of this price action.

We have automated and tested an EA that allows this trade to be back tested to give users confidence and then when used into the future. The concept is extremely robust because it has the weight on the world biggest financial markets pushing it.

How it works

Essentially while the US market is sleeping the European market has fun pushing the Forex Prices where they want them to go. The suddenly the US market wakes-up and looks at what the UK market has been up to. How they react is what makes this EA work so well.

In the majority of cases, when certain criteria is present, The US Market will get its heavy financial artillery out and give the Forex Prices a Power Punch to get them back to where they should be.

So there it is – one of the simplest Forex Trading concepts ever. It no secret – all experienced Forex traders know about this phenomenon. All we have done for you is automate the trade in an EA.

Not only do the trades have a high success rate they also have a good return on risk ratio which what every Forex trader wants.

The trick to these trades however are:

  • What is the criteria that has to be met before this phenomenon happens?
  • What kind of Stops do you need during these trades?
  • What kind of Targets do you need during these trades?
  • Which currencies are the most reliable

We will soon be launching this new EA that answers the above questions automatically.

To summarize:

This EA is:-

  • Once setup it is completely automated
  • It is Set and Forget and can run for months without changes
  • It is simple requiring very few inputs to be made
  • Set files will be supplied

This is more or less what every trader is looking for.

The only downside is that there is on average only 5 trades a month because of the strict entry criteria. It is likely that this EA will be launched at under $100 to ensure that most Forex Traders will benefit from using it.

User testing

Before the launch (in 2 to 3 weeks time) we need some testers to ensure that the EA is as reliable as we say it is. If you are selected as a tester we are going to ask you to do a number of things:-

  1. To check the reliability of our suggested settings using 6 month of back testing
  2. To optimize a particular currency to ensure that not only the settings but a range of setting can be used (only 6 moths of history required)
  3. To comment on your findings and experiences

In return you will receive the EA for free. Sounds like a good deal.

If you want to become a tester please use the    Contact Us     facility in the menu mentioning why you would be good at the tasks required. We are only going to use 6 to 12 testers this time.

Typical results to be tested

75% success rate with a 1:2 Risk Reward Ratio. Only 15 trades in 3 months. Over 1000 pips in 3 months. Low $ drawdown.

powerpunch results


  • Refer website

    • Hi Edward, The EA is not available yet. Did you not read this “Before the launch (in 2 to 3 weeks time) we need some testers” until then this is the website

  • Andy

    June 16, 2015

    I think you should get BIRT’S EA REVIEW to test the EA. He has extensive experience testing EAs.

    • yes maybe test is the wrong word to use – we only need a 3 to 5 day custome review, back test and optimisation

  • Eduardo Albuquerque

    June 16, 2015

    Hi there, is this the holy grail we’ve all been waiting for? 🙂

    Can you dislcose what are the criteria for entry?

    So far, out of those 5 trades a month, what’s the success rate? What can we expect as risk:reward? What are the stop sizes required?

    Last but not least: can we combine the DIAD with this???

    Thank you.

  • Tholithemba

    June 16, 2015

    can test

  • Mick Kilby

    June 17, 2015

    Hi Alex,

    I would be very interested in testing this EA. Timing couldn’t be better as I should have a new, more powerful computer running by next week (4.2GHz). I know the concept you mentioned from a couple of years ago. I better go & dust off my previous analysis. I think I found most steps of the process but could never isolate the switch to filter out the losing trades.


  • Geoffrey Lowes

    June 17, 2015

    Sounds to me like a great EA, only too happy to comply with your requests to give it a fair go and answer your questions

  • Ahsan Kamal Amin

    June 17, 2015

    Thanks for that, I am also interested to test this EA, hope that it will be the one for i am looking for.

  • miguel contreras

    June 17, 2015

    Thanks Alex.
    I’m very serious about trading and need that tool, please. I think that will make a huge difference in my career.
    Please include my name in the beta list.

  • seyedmajid masharian

    June 17, 2015

    please send me the ea to test it

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