The Most Successful Expert4x Expert Advisor


The Most Successful Expert4x Expert Advisor

The Most Successful Expert4x Expert Advisor


The Most successful Expert4x Expert Advisor

We have recently reviewed some very interesting information about all each Expert Advisor currently available.

All our Expert Advisors are licensed so we are able to monitor the use of all EA’s as they are traded on live and demo accounts.

Money risked in live accounts is the biggest vote of confidence Forex traders can give an EA. This EA is miles ahead of any of the other EA’s in terms live account trading.

It seems that traders that know how to manage this 2 year old EA have found very interesting and creative ways of using this great Forex Money Making Tool and are risking millions trading this EA.

This poorly marketed and out of date website continues to generate sales and very good feedback from serious traders although it is not actively promoted.

It has 3 main ways of trading the EA.

  1. The trader selects the direction and the multiplier will increase gain considerably.
  2. The trader trades both ways in a ranging market and the multiplier will ensure optimum income
  3. You can use the MACD to trade the EA continuously (not recommended at this stage)

Method 1 is where the money is being made by astute traders who manage risk well.

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  • Paul Lambert

    October 10, 2015

    Instead of using two accounts can I use just one, as I do not live in America with their hedging rules?

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