What is wrong with the Standard MT4 Order processing ??

BE CAREFUL:- the standard order entry facility in MT4 does not teach you to trade Forex properly and efficiently, because.......

  • You can't see the SPREAD in pips
  • You can't see the STOP SIZE in pips
  • You can't see the TARGET SIZE in pips
  • You can't see the MARGIN REQUIRED for this transaction
  • You can't see the TOTAL AMOUNT FREE MARGIN available in your account
  • You can't see the PIP VALUE of the currency you are trading
  • You can't see your RETURN ON RISK ratio
  • You can't add a DYNAMIC TARGET
  • You don't know what % OF YOUR ACCOUNT you are risking
  • You are only working with currency prices which increase the RISK OF ARITHMETICAL ERRORS

It is as if MT4 has provided an trade entry order facility that encourages traders to fail or make very, very poor trading decisions with no or very little trading information.


This is increasing the odds of  failure tremendously for the ordinary Forex trader !!!

Watch this video for more information

(It received over 40 000 hits in the first 2 weeks of being posted on YouTube).


We have 2 Solutions


Please watch this video that explains how these 2 panels work and also shows you an example of a trade being ENTERED and the active trade being MANAGED

Basic overview


This panel has been created to improve the manual processing and management of deals by providing all the important information a trader needs to make a proper trading and risk management decision before and during a trade.

It is not a trading EA and does not provided advanced and specialised trade management facilities. Those will be provided by specialist panels.

Also the Panel includes best Forex trading practice as recommended by Expert4x and should therefore encourage better trading habits than currently being used by traders

This panel manages 1 trade per chart. It adopts the currency of the chart it is loaded onto

To open other trades of the same or different currencies the Panel needs to be loaded onto the selected chart.

One of the reasons for 1 trade per chart is to force best practice that each transaction has its own risk profile and is unique. This profile can change dramatically as new transactions are added and older transactions closed.

The Panels change when a trade is activated !

The Trade Entry Panel

The Active Trade Panel 

It Folds away !!

Technical and installation support

The Expert4x Trade Panel is fully supported by EAFactory from a technical perspective. They also do the delivery using a simple installation program automates the installation. All upgrades are free and a comprehensive user guide is available. The Panel will be upgraded when required and many specialist Panels are already under development.

Recent Client feedback:  "Over the past 8 years I have purchased -- no exaggeration -- over 100 EA's and as such have dealt with scores of support staff re: these EA's. I just want to express my appreciation to your support group for the timely & detailed explanations for my specific issues.  Typically tech support leaves quite a bit to be desired but you guys get A+ ratings for your efforts!"

When using these panels you can trade with full confidence because you are using best practice:-


  1. Your trades will automatically be correctly position sized
  2. You will be totally in control of your risk knowing the maximum you can lose at all times.
  3. You can automatically add basic trade management tools such as trailing stops and targets.
  4. You will immediately know the impact of risk when you make any changes to the trade
  5. You will have full exposure to the most critical Forex trading information such as your return on risk, margin required, margin available, $ exposure, current spread, trade status in pips etc

So...... How can you get your hands on the Expert4x Trade Panel (There are 4 ways)

  • Please note that the Tool will be licenced for use on ANY 2 computers as many time as you like and on as many accounts as you like.
  • When Paying using PayPal the activation details will immediately be sent to the email account linked to your PayPal account
  •  Also please note that prices can go up without any warning

1. New Expert4x Clients (Price $96)


Please use the PayPal button on the right

2. Existing clients with an EAFactory Account (Price $48)


All existing clients get 50% of the purchase price of the Panel. You can only get the discount if you use the PayPal buttons on the EAFactory website. Click on the logo on the right to go to the EAFactory website log-in page


3. Using CryptoCurrencies to purchase (Price $48 / $24)


New (Crypto price $48) and existing clients (Crypto price $24) get an additional 50% discount when using CryptoCurrencies to make their purchase. This facility is unfortunately not available to YouTube subscribers. Please click on the Bitcoin picture on the right to use this option.

4. YouTube subscribers to the Expert4x channel (Price $48)


If you are a subscriber to the Expert4x channel you can get a 50% discount on your purchase. Please click on the YouTube logo for details.

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Please use the contact us facility in the above menu if you have any specific questions regarding the Expert4x Trade Panel

  • q-iconCan the Panel be used for non Forex instruments

    Yes it can. It can be used to trade any instrument that your broker makes available. Care should be taken to use appropriate pip values with certain instruments. We suggest demo trading until you are 100% confident when using non Forex instruments

  • q-iconIt would be great if the panel could scale into and out of trades?

    There will be many specialist panels in the future for advance needs such as partial closes, tops ups, staddles and other functions.