Warning: Huge Industry MT4 Upgrade Problem with Expert Advisors


Warning: Huge Industry MT4 Problem with Expert Advisors



About a year ago MT4 did an upgrade which impacted most Expert Advisors. Most required changes and it took at least a month for the Forex industry to recover.

The latest MT4 800+ upgrade this week is starting to show the same type of problems. This is an industry wide challenge which makes the connections to Brokers unreliable and is causing windows error messages.

Based on feedback in the Forex industry forums etc on this MT4 build 800+ it is better off not to update to it at all, it is buggy big time, kills servers, makes MT4 connection to broker’s server unreliable etc…  .

Other users running into the same issue with this MT4 build: http://forum.mql4.com/67752/page2

If you have a chance then try to block the update to this 800, 825 and 830 builds – pretty much anything build number 800 or higher.

Tip: To find out which version you are on select “Help” in the MT4 menu and then “About”

MT4 version

EAFactory is dealing with the problem but even their systems have been badly impacted and there are potentially serious issues with the MT4 platforms out there, the EAs being used.

So please do not update your MT4 platform at all. If you encounter problems with your EA consider closing all EAs down until we have more news.

This situation is unfortunately beyond our control but luckily we have some of the best industry resources to deal with it. Our support is one of the things you get when buying an Expert4x EA.

Please watch your emails for further updates

Please visit this link regularly for more information and to ask questions and to get updates on the situation


A solution has been posted in the Forum as shown below – please add your comments to the Forum





  • sodi

    June 13, 2015

    How to block the MT4 platform from being automatically upgraded?

  • Email received after the post

    Hi Alex,

    You have told people that the new versions are not reliable, but probably too late for all. You can also tell them how to change back to an older, more reliable build.

    If you go to:
    C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\WebInstall = whatever you call yourself, such as Alex

    You should find a directory called “mt4-clw”.

    This is the directory that MT4 refers to before it goes to download the latest abomination that they have released.

    Rename this directory from “mt4-clw” to “mt4-clw-ORIG”. The “ORIG” part is so we remember what the correct directory was called.
    Then right-click & go New  Text Document.
    Now rename “New Text Document.txt” to “mt4-clw”. It will bring up a pop-up asking if you are sure you want to change he file extension. Click “Yes”.

    You have now created a file with the same name as the directory that MT4 uses to initiate it’s updates. The next time you open MT4 it will be unable to update as the information it needs from the directory it uses is not available.

    Now all the trader has to do is a google search to find a more reliable version of MT4. I am still using build 670 from July 2014. I believe this is still the most reliable, latest version they have made. It is the only version I will allow to trade on a live account.

    Simply replace the “terminal.exe” & “metaeditor.exe” files with the older build versions.

    If you want them I can find & supply them.

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