16000 pips made from 1 trading decision on a Forex set and forget basis




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16000 pips made from 1 trading decision on a Forex set and forget basis


Forex SET and FORGET Trading Tool

As you may know Expert4x ran a $5000 trading competition 2 years ago. This trading competition was won by trader using a set and forget EA which generated no less than 16 000 pips on a Forex set and forget basis which only required 1 trading decision.

Later in a subsequent open trading competition 1 year later another trader won a trip to the Bahamas using the same EA. He has just returned from there with his family.

Over $ 4 768 000 dollar are currently being traded on live accounts using this great Forex trading tool by Expert4x clients. This is the greatest vote of confidence an EA could get.

The recent published Barry Thornton multiple period RSI Domino trading ENTRY technique has helped creating GREAT entries for this EA.



View this video to see the Forex Tester, the Domino top-up strategy and the progressive RSI strategy in action

Click on the full screen option for better viewing


If you are not already an owner of this great Forex set and Money making  Trading Tool have a serious look at it.

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  • Eduardo Albuquerque

    Reply Reply April 3, 2015

    Fantastic 10:1 reward to risk trade. How often does Barry hit a trade like that and how often is he wrong? Does he usually trade the opening of the US session? Thank you.

    • info@expert4x.com

      Reply Reply April 3, 2015

      Hi Thanks for your comment – Out of 20 trades 10 may breakeven. 3/4 may be winners and 7/6 losers. So 3 winners could be 150% of the account gain and the 7 losors are only about 35% of the account. Entries are very selective. He prefers the European sessions for short term trading but will trade the US sessions more selectively.

  • Dan

    Reply Reply April 3, 2015

    Please keep posting another few examples , and if possible REAL TIME examples. Its easy to do it on backtests, harder on live environment. Also, i noticed that alignment on RSI on all 4timeframes is quite rares.

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