Forex Grid Trend Multiplier recommendation works out well



Forex Grid Trend Multiplier recommendation works out well

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Email sent to clients on the 2nd of September

How can profit from the weakening AUD and CAD right now
Sent Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Please do not miss this trading opportunity


Please study the information in this post. It seems to indicate that the AUD and CAD economies are in serious trouble which means that these currencies will continue to weaken systematically over the next few months.

Forex trading opportunities for you: Weakening AUD and CAD

These long term trends are ideal for the Grid Trend Multiplier which can be purchased at 70% discount when purchasing the $1 EA at this link when using this link.

4th Secret: Automation


Mary McArthur

Progess on the 30th of September

On the 2nd of September we identified the AUD and CAD as weakening currencies and sent an email out to all our GTM Forex clients suggesting that they trade those currencies using the Forex Grid Trend Multiplier which is ideal when you there is reasonable certainty about the general direction of a currency.

In almost 4 weeks several clients who trade the Grid Trend Multiplier are reporting gains of over 2000 pips in the USDCAD although the effective trend was only 140 pips. The AUDUSD has produced over 1000 pips in an effective trend of only 70 pips.

The trend was multiplied 14 times in 4 weeks using this EA which is what it is designed to do.

The weekly and Daily momentum charts are ideal for finding great entries when using this technique.

Checking on reported results: AUDUSD


Checking on reported results: USDCAD






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