Personal Double your account in 1 trade sessions



Our TeamViewer optimisation service has become very popular. Very soon the Brexit disruption will normalise. So based on the TeamViewer success so far we are offering an even better service which we will perform directly on your own personal Forex trading account.

Using TeamViewer we will show you the approach we use to double our Forex account is 1 trade and set your trading platform up to do the same so that you can use the same approach in the future.

Personal Double your account in 1 trade sessions

So very simply: –

  1. We will dial into your trading account on your computer using TeamViewer at a mutually agreeable time for a 1 hour session.
  2. We will create our special trading chart templates and special profiles in your account from scratch so that you can use the same approach in the future.
  3. We will analyse the market in front of your own eyes using those special chart profiles and templates.
  4. We will identify a number of possible trading signals.
  5. Then we will place ONE “double your account in 1 trade” using the best signal at the time of the session. This trade if successful it will double your account in 1 trade.

This is an educational session during which we will explain what signals we are looking for and during which you can ask as many questions as you like. You should get a good grasp of the technique during the session but we do not guarantee that you will be 100% competent in just 1 session. This is 100% manual trading, so you don’t need any special tools and EAs. The templates and profiles created from scratch during the session will do job.


You should learn a lot but the special bonus is that if we get it wrong (which happens at least 24.6% of times) we guarantee a 50% refund or a 30-minute repeat session free – what a bargain.

The techniques we use work well for the DIAD EA, the GTM EA and finding the trend for other EA’s and manual systems too but these EA’s will not be used in the TeamViewer sessions.

What you are going to need:

  1. An unused MT4 Trading account with a least 400:1 leverage capable of trading micro lots with a balance of $10 000 or more when we access your computer.If you don’t have such an account you can open a demo account with our Broker Tallinex using this link:- TALLINEXaccount
  2. The TeamViewer Software loaded on your computer.
  3. Skype loaded and linked to Expert4x – Skype will only be used as a backup for chats. TeamViewer has its own chat facility.
  4. A headphone or other audio setup that prevents sound feedback of our discussion back into to your microphone.

After paying for your session you will be directed to a questionnaire where you can specify your best days and best times of the day for your session.

The method of determining the trade to be selected will not be disclosed prior to the session except that it uses a multi-currency and multi time frame approach.

Book Here:-

The cost of a personal 1 hour session is $ 110.00. Please use the PayPal button below to start the process of booking your session.




  • Dimitrios

    June 29, 2016

    This is intriguing and I am interested, but before I sign up I disagree with “a 50% refund or a 30-minute repeat session free.”
    If I am paying for you to double my account then if you don’t do what I am paying for then I want a FULL refund. Not half.
    That’s like me placing an order for a product at your shop then you say it isn’t in stock so I don’t get the product but I must still pay half price for nothing. Are you crazy?
    Also, what happens when a trade is a loser? Is the account blown? What is the loss in percentage?

    • You are not paying for us to double your account. We don’t do that every time. This is Forex trading after all. We are doing this service at a time in the future when we do not know the market conditions and whether there will be any setups at all. Ideally we would trade only when there are perfect signals.
      This is an educational service. You are paying to see how it is done – we leave the profiles and templates on your computer for you to use in the future.
      If you are only interested in doubling your account with one trade part of this service and don’t agree with the terms vote with you wallet. Don’t pay for it.
      Luckily your short term, something for nothing, greedy attitude, is not shared with our 50 clients who signed up in the first 2 hours.

  • Rich

    July 1, 2016

    Alex, you didn’t answer most intriguing question in the first poster comment: what would be the loss if your ONE trade hits the stoploss instead of takeprofit limit?
    That’s an important information to know and the fact you got 50 clients signed up in the first 2 hours risking 10K of their money without knowing that crucial part of information either makes them insane or me delusional :-). So could you please clarity that for everyone on this page?

    • Thanks for your question

      Unlike the Double in a Day automated EA that will help you risk 5% to make 100% we only have a random 1 hour to find an entry and manage the trade. We can not manage the trade from there on using the DIAD EA or the GTM EA. So the loss will be a margin call where you only get a return of your margin – The net loss is 80% of your account. Naturally we use demo accounts for these sessions, but I can already see traders running for the hills – but read on…….

      This maybe very risky when trading 1 trade and 1 account only but at least the client will learn to enter trades that will double their account using a high probability trading technique. We don’t make much money if our trades fail all the time.

      How we trade it is we trade 10 funded accounts using this technique. 3 are likely to fail so we will lose $8000 per account. $ 24 000 in total. The 7 that succeed will provide gains of $ 70 000. So we will be up $ 46 000. Pretty good return.

      So what if our success rate is only 50%. 5 losers of $8000 = $-40000 and 5 winners at $10 000= $ 50 000. Still great odds that give a $10 000 return. It is all about trading WITH ALL THE ODDS in your favour (the WATO system)

      So how does the ordinary trader who does not want to trade this way trade:

      Very simple. Instead of risking 80% to double their account 100% they would risk 8% to make 10%. Or even 4% to make 5%. Or even 2% to make 2,5%. – that way they still achieve good gains with more manageable risk.

      The trick is actually to use a trading technique that gives you more than 50% success rate in the long run and that is actually what we show in the sessions.

      Sadly, if we offered a service that said let us show you how you can make 5% on your account nobody would would take any notice.

      Bit long winded but I hope that answers your question.

  • Tim

    July 2, 2016

    Hi Alex,

    1) Does this method “Double your account in 1 trade sessions” work well with “Make Money EA”?
    2) Make Money EA comes with its own calibration and optimisation. Is that correct? It’s not the same service with what you’re talking here. Correct?

    Please advise. Thanks.

    • Please read the marketing material very well. The “Double your account in 1 trade” sessions use 100% manual techniques. So be definition no EAs are involved. The MakeMoney EA is a set and forget EA – again if you read the marketing material you will see that you MUST calibrate this EA and guidance is given

  • Tolu

    July 6, 2016

    Struggling between buying the DIAD EA versus this DIAD session… which would you recommend for a trader that may have quite limited time to trade

    • The DIAD EA takes 3 times the skill than the technique used in the Double in 1 trade approach.

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