Selecting ZuluTrade traders to link to your Forex Broker Account


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Selecting ZuluTrade traders to link to your Forex Broker Account


ZuluTrade video

Below is a video about the selection on Forex traders to follow when linking your Forex account to successful Forex traders.

This is an important video as it also applies to your personal current Forex trading system.

The criteria one uses to estimate the risk of investing in a Successful Forex trader is the EXACT same criteria you should be evaluating your own Forex trading system and trading record against.  There is a lot to learn for this process.

It is interesting that the most successful traders are not always the ones with high success rates. This is one of the biggest misconceptions in Forex trading.

Linked Foprex account Selection factors

See how factors like:

  1. Maximum open trades
  2. Maximum drawdowns
  3. Success rate
  4. Average pips per trade
  5. Account size
  6. And many more …….

Play a role in your OWN trading record.

You will see that ZuluTrade is completely transparent with the huge amount of information supplied on successful Forex traders and that it is only the investors fault if they cannot build a portfolio of successful traders to follow.

Learn from an experienced investor

It is better to learn from others good and bad experience than from your own. The comments below are from a successful ZuluTrade investor sharing his experiences of Forex account linking over the years.

1   The Zulutrade signal provider ranking should not be trusted at all. You should select Forex alert providers based on your own investment criteria and study of trader’s performance.

2   One of the most important ratios is the Drawdown verses profit ratio. This gives you a good idea of the riskiness of a Forex trader. A trader with a big drawdown but a huge production is sometimes better than a trader with a small drawdown but a very small production.

3   Slippage is a continuous problem on ZuluTrade. One way of getting around the problem is to trade Alert Providers who have above 10 pips average gain per deal. Anything smaller and you will be exposing yourself to slippage risk.

4   Where possible only trade signal providers who are using live Forex trading accounts. A live account has credible start-up history and show the trader’s true exposure and commitment to their trades.

5  Manage risk by selecting traders that have a low maximum open deal number to start off  some traders let losers ride and cash winner in and a trader that has a history of a few open deals at a time is less risky than one that has many. Don’t select a trader with high open deal history and try to manage the risk by setting limited open deals – this does not work.

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